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Why is our KFC so bad?

Our KFC offers poor service and dry, tough chicken, cold mashed potatoes and gravy, on a regular bases! I forget that ours is awful every few months and try it again only to be mad and dissatisfied. Only the slaw was good. Tonight I got off work after a 12 hour shift sent my husband after food he paid $23.86 for terrible food!! Store number G410011 Manager Karen Traw REG 4 order #321.

KFC. Deer valley and 67 ave Glendale AZ. Manager needs FIRED

I've gone there twice to get chicken Popeyes in both times they had a buck of the bones in each one of them the messenger just does not care about the customers the commitment to customer satisfaction is not there. Last night I went down to get some chicken tenders to chop up for a salad. The price they wanted to charge me for further pieces I'm going over to fries grocery store about five times as much chicken for the same price. KFC Needs to reevaluate what they charge for what's on their menu. Somebody needs a check up from the neck up when it comes to pricing what's on their menu

KFC in Memphis, TN on Union was the worst chicken I ever had. The chicken look like it was refried and old. It was also full of oil you can squeeze it out with your hand.The chicken looked bad and tasted bad. I never buy there any more. unsatified customer

KFC Geraldton in Western Australia is the worst store in my 30 years of eating KFC although all the food was there the chicken had an after taste of what resembled off fish/sewerage resulting in my family being sick with food poisoning including my 15 year old son who has an insatiable appetite, He did not eat a whole piece and is vomiting. This is the final straw, No KFC for this family ever p.s. my rating is 0 no lets be fair -5. my dogs turned there nose up at it

The KFC in Piney Flats, Tennessee , near Johnson City is the BEST place to eat. The food is good, the staff is frindly, they keep the place clean. Keep up the good work guys !!!

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KFC has been one of the most enjoyable places to go to ever since i was a youngster. And that was over 40 years or so. I live in Illinois, real close to St. Louis, Mo. & it's Gateway Arch. Anyway, we only have 2 stores that have the KFC Buffet with them. One is in Alton,IL., & the other is in Highland,IL. It takes 45 minutes or more to get to each one of them. We have many other KFC's around in closer cities but not one of them have the Buffet. I was wondering if any others will EVER HAVE the Buffets with them?? It sure would be great to not to have to travel that far to get to one. Please think about more Cities having a Buffet. It sure would make you guys even so much better. Luv you all.

I was at a KFC got my items and after I got home relized that I was missing items, I paid for a three peice and got two peice then tried to call and the phone stayed busy for well over an hour So my guess is they didn't want us to contact them to hear our concerns.Store # K032017.

The KFC on 3131 Valley Pike in Dayton Ohio, is the worst KFC, not only is the chicken under cooked the staff that's works here are the rudest, people I have ever met. The are dirty and I saw one mop the floor and without washing their hands and went back to serving chicken without gloves. I tried to return some under cooked Chicken, when I say under cooked I mean the chicken was still bloody, to them and they ganged on me. One of them yried to grab my cell phone off of my son's hands making threats. They acted like they were going to jump over the counter and beat my son and I up. Then they had the nerve to call the police telling me that there was more of them than me. Wow I have never felt so humiliated in my whole adult life. It was the worst experience ever. I felt very violated , over a mistake they made and turned against me, i emphadizeTraining,training !!!! In customer service.

We visited one of your KFC locations in Texarkana, Arkansas on Stateline last night after 7 P.M. While eating, one of your staff came out and washed off a table top, then a booth seat and back of booth seat and then the wood part at the top of the booth with the same dishrag. Then went to the next table and washed the top and then the seat, etc. again with the same dishrag. Do they not realize that some people and their clothes are sometimes filthy? Mike Helms was with me and he saw the same person use the same dishrag to mop up a spot on the floor. That is not good! Please notify your business here to stop using the same dishrag for general purposes! Please use a clean dishrag and hopefully a little bleach water to disinfect, when cleaning the tabletops. Thank you!

my wife and i were traveling and decided to stop at the next town for something to eat. in eugene oregon we grove into KFC and after we ordered 2 simple meals and drove away I realized just what we had done; allowed ourselves to be ripped off. $17 and change for 4 pieces of crap chicken and some cold slaw!? Geezus! NEVER AGAIN, not ever never ever, no matter what.

I got popcorn chicken at yo70006 7731 Annapolis Rd. Lanhan Maryland. They were the worst thing I have ever experienced in a fast food restaurant. Nothing like what they look like in your tv ads. They were mostly tiny pieces, some had no chicken inside, they were hard as rocks. I had to go to another chain store to get chicken my grandaughter could eat. It is my last trip to KFC. Barbara Buono

This has got to be by far the worst service I have ever recived I ordered a 16 piece meal 4 breast 4 wings 4 legs and 4 thighs I asked them to make my thighs into breast thet charge me extra which was expected but when I recived my order they gave me two breast four legs and 10 thighs when I took it back they proceeded to tell me they were breast I might not work there but belive me I know the diffrence after arguing for 5 min they finally fessed up on the fact they did it because they did not have any breast ready and if I wanted it I would have to wait. So I requested they make my sides again being that by the time my chicken would be ready my sides would be cold boy was that another problem I had to deaal with so I asked for a refund back it was obvious they did not want to make anythung right and the cashier said he did not know how to give refunds omg r u

you guys are the absolute best. though some of your places are not up to par. most are wonderful. i was a long haul trk driver for 35+ years and could tell you where the next kfc was within 100 yards and up to 300 miles on the interstate. i have an idea i wanted to run past you, how about gravy chicken. you take your original chicken and cook it in your brown gravy. when i go to kfc i get the buffet and a bowl of gravy and eat at least 13 to 15 pieces its great. please tell me what you think. thanks randy

The staff were all very pleasant at store# 710291, 8687 Tara Blvd. in Jonesboro, especially Ms. Daphne! The food was delicious as always. However, the restaurant seemed to be terribly understaffed. I base this on the length of time that it took to be greeted and then to receive my order. Every team member seemed to be fully engaged in performing at their highest level. I never mind a bit of a wait as I understand that the consistency and quality of your product require s time to assure that it meets your company's high standards. I want to acknowledge that the staff was extremely friendly and proficient, it just seemed as though they were spread too thin to satisfy the demand that your great chicken creates! Thank you so much

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