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AC unit too small

I have owned my home from kb homes for about 2 years and my a/c unit has not worked properly since i moved in. The parts and labor were covered for 1 year so i did not complain but now that it is not and i have had to pay some serious labor charges for an a/c unit that is too small for my home. i have a 3 ton unit when my size home calls for at least a 5 ton unit. How i found this out is because the 3 different people i have called in here all stated the same thing, the unit is working too hard for this size home. i have now been in living in 85 degree temperatures for the past 5 days and I am suffering because I can no long afford the labor charges for my "warrantied" parts that keep breaking. I am now trying to get KB to fix this error so I can be comfortable in my home that i Am still paying for.

I purchase a KB home in 2006 in wesley chapel florida a couple of weeks ago with the big storm we had lots of water get in to our home we had a company come out to dry our rooms for a week we had our insurance adjuster come out and check for the problem and they told us that it is a drainage problem in our yard that it is kb homes work that they did but we have spoken to them and the only things they know to say is that it is not under warranty this is there excuse all the time and we as kb home buyers are getting very tired of it they should stand behind what they built because they dont look or take care of there problems like profesionals our last resort would be legal actions so they can respond to anyone

I Have a complaint to make about KB homes I live at 5749 golding dr. in lancaster ca.93536 we have been complaining about a drain problem in my front yard I can,t run my sprinkler,s becouse the water stand on swell like a little lake i call the customer service office in my area they told me i did not buy the so callbackyard package that is why i have the problem now I have to spend money out my pocket to fix the problem becouse of you mistake

I have a complaint to make about KB Homes. I am currently residing at 1628 Jewel Lane, Frisco, Texas 75034. We have been reporting foundation damage own our home for several years. They have just now got around to repairing the foundation. During the repairing of the foundation American Property & Tri-point Engineer Serrvices has just about split our home into 2. The plumber is finding leaks under the foundation and we believe it is due to the lifting of the entire foundation. The have placed about 55piers under our resident.

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