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I had the misfortune of hiring this group of thieves and I regret having done so. Here is a list of things that they stole. Six collectible knives, various gemstones, antique coins, a world/satellite portable radio, $1,000 worth of colognes, all of my kitchen utensils, as well as other things that I'm unaware of. I think that they may have even stolen a few pairs of my unused underwear. They played with my sporting equipment damaging one of my most expensive items. They opened up every little thing that they could possibly get their hands on looking for more money to steal, illegal or prescription drugs, gemstones, and anything else that they could put in their pockets. Whomever decides to hire these scoundrels after reading these reviews (minus mggsoph) will risk losing their property and having their furniture and other belongings broken or damaged. I could go on and on about how unprofessional and downright untrustworthy this group of people are but if these reviews don't convince you then, there is no hope for you or your belongings. Take my advice and hire someone else for your moving day. Jones Moving and Storage is the worst moving company ever. I wouldn't recommend their services, not even to my worst enemy.

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