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Lack of service from john deere

I have a x530 that burns My grass if I stop while cutting, the next day I find burn spots where I stopped . I published this problem last year and have not got any worth while help from Your Company. I bought this John Deere product which I have done 3 different purchases from You. Never again. No one wants to buy it from Me because the fare price is to high for them. So how about You buy your junk back from Me. No one wants to buy it because I do tell them the facts. I do not screw people I give them the TRUTH. Publish this on your page of reviews bet You do not publish the same as the last one I sent You.710 3615

my john deer sucks

I have bought a John Deere 8.75 with the swivel tires I cannot even cut my grass without the tires hitting the lawn mower my dad has a John Deere 20 years old and I bought a brand new ones its 2 years old and I'm having a hard time cutting my grass I'm embarrassed to tell my dad everytime I turn the cut the grass my tires rub up against the steel

poor dealership

prairieland partners in south central kansas is a very poorly ran dealership overall they cant seem to get anything fixed right period winfield location has realley went south since they took over cant seem to keep help anymore been doing my work for 30 years store mgr. service mgr. are both arogant and disrespectful wont ever go back i wonder why all the good ol'boys quit cant help to think mngt. is very poor cant seem to get or keep help


Every time, I watch that commercial where they are building the John Deere, makes me think of the three we purchased from Home Depot It had John Deere on it, everyone knows John Deere is great, so we purchased the most expensive tractor mower they had, used the first one twice, took back, exchanged for another one, the other one about two weeks, took it back, just bad luck everyone can get a lemon, got the third took the sucker back and got a refund, they were not John Deere's just using the name to sell a cheap mower, can't remember what they really were, started with an S. we went and purchased a zero turn Kubota mower, never had any problems at all, we will never purchase another John Deere product of any kind.


Purchased a LA105 Lawn Tractor. Lowes and Home Depot do not carry Traction Belts or tires. The companies that carry the belts are to far away(27 miles) for the average citizen, All parts that include oil filter, fuel filter oil, air filter are priced to high for the aversge family. The companiy for Lowes store in Wahahatchie TX is in Ennis Tx and charge $367.00 to change belts and for that price a person would be better off to purchase another brand of mower that has a less cost for repair.

This is the 5th time,I have brought my D100 in for fuel gauge repair. Still no luck. The poor dealer has given up!!!!! This is a corporate screw up. Give me a new mower or give me my money back....John Deere How are you going to make this right for me.? Maybe a gift certific for J D acc.

i have a new D100, The fuel gauge does not work. Am going on the third try to have A JD DEALER repair the fuel gauge! Any one else with the same problem?????

How are you supposed to fill the gas tank in the D-140 model when the grass bagger is attached? Looks like you have to swing on a trapeze from across the lawn. There is no direct way to fill . HELP.

Dear John Deere,I know you are well aware of the problems with the L130 lawn tractor hydro transmitions..How can you people sleep at night knowing that you you screwed 99% of the people that bought one a now have to use it for a yard orniment, as I am one of these people.You should be taken to court and made to repair or take back all of these units.I am with all the other people that got burt by you,(NO MORE JOHN DEERE JUNK FOR ME)

wonder if you would be willing to donate a 5000 series tracktor,with a loader an a backhoe,with cab to a nonprofit organization called unite they provide fresh fruit and vegtibles to needy familys and underprivalidge childern and also abused,neglected,and exploted childern and abused and exploted women,they just opened and need to get some equipment as soon as possible thanks.

Hi, I am writing in regards to my Sister "Louise", who recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Louise is a John Deere Lover. Her home is wall papered with John Deere wall paper, boarder, curtains, nick knacks, salt/pepper shaker. Any toy's she purchase for her grandchildren are all John Deere Tractors, rocking toy that is a John Deere. When she is able to garage sale, it's all John Deere items she purchase. I am asking you, if you could donate a item with John Deere Sigma to her benefit that will be given on August 19 th at Verona Fire Dept in Verona NY. It would be our honor if you would recognize our sister Louise for the love she has for your product. We do not know how long she has as she wants to enjoy what ever time she has left. She would be so surprised if you had a carpet that had John Deere on it. Please assist in making her life on Earth by donating to her Benefit. Thank you Geraldine Kimmel

I have a JD 110 Lawn mower the paint is peeling off the deck and is under Warrantly And no one at JD will let me know what there going to do.I took it to JD Where I live at they Said they Would Talk To JD About ItPaint Peeling on Deck,It Was About 4 weeks Ago Please Call Me Back On this At 704-855-5375 Thank you.

I bought a lawn mower and after three uses, the engine dies and JOHN DEERE is not honoring the wararnty. They say it is Lowes Home Improvement's responsibility, who says it is John Deere's Responsibility who now says it is Brigg's responsibility because John Deere buys the engine from them. O for customer service satisfcation O for Product quality O John Deere DO NOT BUT THEIR PRODUCTS

My credit card with john deere has hold on it. Cause john deere decided to make decision to look over my past credit cards with other companies. Even if i have had their credit card for years and there is no past due balance. It has always been paid on time.have paid off a couple of items on this john deere credit card. Still they have made decision on other company information. Very unfair..

I purchased a L A 105 on 3-8-2009 only used 5.3 hours engine cranks but no start, warranty work. itwas fixed. Now on 3-21-2012 (after warranty) the stearing goes out, sent to dealer with 21.6 hours droped about 400.$ to fix. I have had a model a J D for 40+ years and have not had this much trouble. Im not verry satisfyed with this product ( as im growing up JD was the best thing on the market but now im not convinced) if this is how JD is building there equipment I'd rather go with a snaper mower. P.S. I only mow 1/4 acer lot. unhappy in indy.

I bought this x300 in march of 09 and has stalled out every time i used it. I contacted john deere on the 31st day and said I wanted a refund and they told me money back guarantee was good for 30 days. I took it back twice and the second time they kept it for 3 weeks and still no invoice about repair etc. What a scam these people have perfected. Anything to try to evade the lemon law. I have 34 hrs on this tractor and they said my hour meter died and replaced it, not fixed the tractor. Everyone wonders why people are buying Foreign products because many American businesses will not hold themselves accountable for the products they manufacture. Well, let me go push my 675lb JD tractor around the yard so I can get a good workout today. Tks for nothing John Deere.

I am a disabled man of 63, I finally saved enough money to buy a john deere yard tractor. I purchased it in august of 2009, in july of 2010 I started having trouble with it running. It would be running an just die, when mowing or moving around, did not matter the mode. I took it to the local john deere dealer, they keep it for 2 weeks, said they could not find anything wrong. Brought it back home ran for about 35 minites stopped would not start back, next day was getting ready to load it up,tried it ,it started. I mowed with it one more time, cleaned it up,this spring same problems except a lot worse, called dealer said they could not help me. I have spent as much time working on it and pushing it around as I have mowing. Every simple fix has been tried, when I can afford to buy a good used, and I mean any other brand this one will grace my front yard with a note that says please read......

I need to find out who Brandon Wyatt is, he looked at our tractor! We are still experiencing the same problems after spending all this money, and to top it off the power beyond kit was never taken off and is listed right on the receipt. If you could please have him call me! now it is making noise without equipment on the back swing arms! We have had several other problems going on from the first day we bought it!! I could go on and on but the service is terrible and this tractor only has 410 hours on it! I could go on and on from the start with the battery boiling over to the hole gas tank! I really need to have someone get back to me this tractor has been in 9 times and they don't log it each and every time since we purchased it, they lie about it! Lappan's in Gaylord is terrible! and the only other place we have taken it is the work n play shop in Ellswoth. Please call me as soon as possible! Thank you! Randy Jarema 231-549-2266 231-330-2427

Do you have a training session for operation of JD combines?

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