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They will mess up your brakes and rotors, promise you a refund and it WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! District manager, Richard Soto is very rude and unreliable!

Soquel Ave Santa Cruz Ca 95062

property is not maintained and employee speed through neighborhood. Unable to contact the franchaise owner and have left many emails and 800 call.

New Avalance, Dead Avalanche

We had our oil changed at a Jiffy Lube in Delray Beach,Fl. Big mistake! On our way through Stauton to Cape Cod, the oil poured out of the bottom of the Avalanche, Oh did I mention brand new auto to the tune of $52000, and 8,000 mills. ENGINE GO BOOM! Stopped at another Jiffy Lube and they found the problem. Old gasket was left in and new gasket/filter was placed in. Therefore....PROBLEM. The kicker was that the station in Fl. did not want to do anything for us, Reimbursement, $89 original amt. pd; 4 qts of premium oil we bought; several hrs. out of the way to fix auto and the fee to replace filter, gasket & oil, AGAIN. Do not loose your auto investment with shoddy workmanship.

I went to the Jiffy Lube In Lantana, Florida (store#1677) and they are wonderful! Randal worked on my car is he was outstanding. I would definitely go back. Cory P

If the number zero was possible to choose I would have done so. I went into a jiffy lube location on State Road 7 near 19th Street, here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My instructions to the service person there was to please change my oil. The gentle refused to comply with my request, instead stating that I was missing a hose (that he could not identify or tell me from where it was missing) and began to try and tell me that I needed more work done. I requested again that he simply change my oil and that I did not want any other service. The service man became belligerent and insisted that I needed these services. I am the second owner of this vehicle; but this is the (6th) vehicle that I have owned thus I am no novice and I do understand what service I need on my car. My brother had to recently replace the motor for my fan, as well as the overflow container that held my coolant. He also had to replace my thermostat. Neither he nor the mechanic that assisted him stated that I had any HOSE missing; seeing as this work required that peruse various parts of the cars engine a missing hose was never mentioned. I feel this service man was unscrupulous in his dealings and deliberately set out to be deceptive in his practice. Therefore as one who has management experience and having dealt in the customer service arena for over 20+ years, I understand how word of mouth is a powerful tool in order to build your business. If I have had "good" service I talk about it and if I have "bad" service I talk about it. I am currently employed at a call center and I interact with people face to face as well as on the phone all the time discussing various topics. The report I will give as it pertains to this business will not be a good one as many of my co-workers, supervisors and customers use their vehicles daily and do inquire of the best, honest and most reasonable trustworthy place to have repairs done. Sadly the response won't be the jiffy lube off State Road 7 (441) and 19th Street in Fort Lauderdale. Disappointed Customer

I came to jiffy lube on 67th ave & thomas to get a oil change. Upon completion of my oil change I checked my truck when I pulled my oil stick to check it my ENTIRE oil stick and frame came out. No employee mention they had broke it Luis kept stating all some time it does that on trucks. He even had the nerve to ask me do I want him to zip tie it together.

I was at your location on Frank lloyd Wright in April and had my oil changed. I noticed oil leaking and took it to the cadillac dealer. They told me my oil filter was too tight and that the bolt that allows the oil to empty out of the pan was over tightened and possible had stripped the oil pan . I was shown these problems whwn it was placed on the rack. they put in a washer to try to fix the over tightened bolt. If this failed then the whole pan would have to be replaced. Jiffy lube is the only place where I get my oil changes. I called the mgr. gfrom the cadillac dealer and was gived a very hard time. He wanted to see their receipt, so I brought it in. He was supposed to turn it in to the corporate office so I could be reimbursed. I was treated very poorly by this employee of Jiffy Lube. Over a month passed by and I decided to contact the customer care dept. at the main office. I have faxed my receipt from them and left messages. I have not gotten a call back. I will think twice about going back to Jiffy lube and will tell my friends about the location at Frank lloyd Wright. Buyer beware!

On 06/02/2011 ,I went to have my oil changed and chassis lubed at Jiffy Lube in Tucson at 3260 N. Oracle Road. I was told the technician greased 12 fittings on my suspension. I got home and looked under my truck and saw no no grease on any of my grease fittings. I returned and was told my grease cups were torn so they could not grease them. this was never mentioned until i asked why they were not done. Some parts have cups other parts do not. The end result was not even an apology or refund for their incompetence. If you are in need of an oil change try any place else but this store.

Went to get an oil change on wifes car on 4/23/11 @ store # 3385 and a jiffy employee stated I needed my windshield wippers replaced .I agreeed with the service and today 0n 5/18/11 it rained and starting pouring down and couldnot hardly drive in the rain and could not see out windshield I figured it out The wipers were never replaced at the time of the oil change but I was charged for new wipers your in employees were eager to charge for the wiper service but never performed what they were selling very disappointed with service and I wonder now if the other services had done there were ever done.

I want to report two different thefts by your franchisee. The first one was located in Yucca Valley. CA on December 18, 2010. The second theft was located in La Quinta, CA today 02/28/11. I did speak with Luis some sort of manager @310-593-3012 on 12/18/10 and he agreed to make an immediate restitution which he has not. I notified my credit card to reverse the whole amount today. Today my wife was also the victim of a similar theft. I will also call AMEX and have the whole bill reversed. I am thinking abount notifying the local police of these fraudulent charges. I WILL NEVER SET FOOT INTO A JIFFY LUBE AGAIN AND WILL BE MORE THAN GLAD TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THE THEIVES OPERATING IN YOUR NAME.

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