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i went to jiffy lube to have an oil change at that time the tech came to me and said my transmission fluid was dark and it needed to be flushed. i then had them perform the T-tech transmission flush this was the last week of May 2012 costing over $150.00 for the service. September 2012 i went to have another oil change and the tech came to me again saying that my transmission fluid was dark. i told him that i had the tt -tech service done here in may and there is no way that my fluid should be that color, at that time he could not pull my history up in their system and went on to say that i may have had the cheaper service that only changed putting new fluid with old fluid. i told him that i have a Lexus and why would i have them mix old with new. i feel that the service that i paid for was never performed and they got my money. i have called their customer service departmet for over a week and no one has returned my call. i am reproting them to the better business bureau as we speak. i do ever want this organziation to perform any service on my car. i just want my money back. signed angry in georgia.

I recently had my transmission oil changed, I asked the manager if it was the same as the transmission oil at Honda he said it was the same, about a month later I took my vehicle to Honda to get the timing belt replaced, they gave my a good check for everything, they told me that the transmission oil was very dirty, I went back to jiffy lube and they said they could do nothing about it, this is a very bad way to run a business just get money from a good customer, but I will not be a customer any more, they just take your money. I hope every buddy who reads this will never have do maintenance on your vehicle, they state they use factory fluids but they are lying to just get your money.

I looking for a job with you company and i have two years of automotive repair and i know i have crimnal record but seen drug dealer. And drug user working at your store and i even seen a guy working at your elkton md store steal from your store how do i know this my friend rented her garage for him to fix cars but one day tje cops called my friend at work to let her know the guy she rented the garge too had a chop shop there just ago she called me to ask me how much cold she get for parts the police left behind there was a box of oil filters 13 in the box. All i wanted to get a job with no luck so please can you please give me chance i will not do anything to mess with your chance if you give me on i have a three year old son. I would love to be able to buy my son the things he wants. I want a job were i can work with my hands like i was trained to at school

I went into the Nocks, Jiffy Lube in Pocomoke Md on Monday Aug 30 and asked for a STANDARD oil change which is $ 36.00. I went to pay the bill, and it is $ 72.00. I asked "Why is is so much this time ? " Clerk states, "because of the Synthetic Oil". I didnt ask for synthetic, and they took it upon themselves to install that WITHOUT asking me. I asked for the manager, and he was of no help either. I told him to take it out, and replace it with the standard oil, or take it off my bill, he said " He could not do that." At that point I became angry and said a "few choice words to him" and left. I have told all of my friends and posted it on the world biggest network, FaceBook. It seems many people have had a bad experience there as well. Needless to say, I wont be taking any of my 3 other vehicles there any longer. Donald Tyndall email: leslietyndall65@yahoo.com

SARASOTA, FLORIDA JIFFY LUBE ON CLARK RD. AND BENEVA Paid for but they did not install new wiper blades. $47.98 charged my c/c plus tax. Went back for my credit and they did not credit the tax!! Very unprofessional in the handling of this matter!! DID NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE ONCE!! Customer service is not a priority at this location.....

STOLEN $100. On November 30, 2010 your personnel @ Jiffy Lube in Maple Valley WA stole a $100 bill from underneath my floor mat. I questioned the "manager" at that location and he lied. I am very upset, what a way to run a business. How in the heck did you ever find someone so dishonest to work with your name? You should be ashamed and beside yourselfs. How can you make this right. It is not just the money. I have a healthy income, not the point, the point is obvious. I hope you can correct this. A suggestion start by releasing the manager (african american about thirty), repaying my loss and offering me free lifetime service. Craig Buck I would gladly talk to you via phone. I can be reached weekdays @Tektronix Service Solutions 425-286-1085. Thank You for your attention in this matter. Craig Buck

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