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Found a USED Bloody tampon on under bed (which was NOT ours) Called front desk to complain, receptionist didn't apologize or anything. Said she would get one of the house keepers (Who weren't doing anything but standing outside smoking & talking) Receptionist then came to the door & said they would get it whenever I checked out 2 HOURS later! I went & asked could I speak to management and was told NO! She isn't here.

My sister and I travel alot with our business. We stayed (had reservations) at the Jameson Inn in Decherd, TN the end of August. The room was so dirty is smelled. We had no choice but to stay as everything else was booked that night in Decherd. Although, we were only in the room to sleep, we were miserable. Needless to say, we will never stay at another Jameson Inn.

It was late and we needed a place to stay. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into....this place had dirty wash clothes and towels. It smelled HORRABLE . There we're stains all over the ceiling like there had obviously been rain damage to the ceiling, big brown stains. Then when my husband got ready to sit in the recliner he about fell out of it due to the fact that the legs were not attached and had rotted off. There were HUGE HOLES ALSO ALL IN THE ROOM all over the walls , THEN WHEN We CALLED TO INFORM THEM ABOUT IT THERE RESPONSE WAS " OH WE'LL WE ARE NOT GIVING YOUR MONEY BACK BUT WE WILL LET YOU STAY ANOTHER NIGHT AND OUR RESPONSE WAS SIMPLE, WOULD WANT TO STAY A NIGHT THERE?? " The general manager of the coorperate office is who we finally spoke with his name is TONY MANESS HE IS INSECURE RUDE AND UNINTELLGINET HE HAD THE SPITE TO TELL US vir Betem "WHAT DO YOU THINK I WAS BORN YESTERDAY???"WERE NOT GONNA DO A THING FOR YOU". After hearing that we concluded that we would be sure to take things in to our own hands and c to it that there reported for there seaming less degrading ways. They have no respect nor do they care about there customers. The whole POINT WAS WE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT OUR MONEY BACK THAT WAS NOT THE ISSUE AT ALL WHAT WE CARED ABOUT WAS LETTING THEM BE AWARE OF THE ISSUE, LITTLE DID WE KNOW THEY DIDN'T GIVE a crap ABOUT HOW WE FELT NOR WHAT WE HAD ENDURED AT OUR STAY. ....We did however try to switch rooms but the front desk claimed there wasn't another room, and it was really late so we stayed however IT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE AND WE WONT EVERYONE TO BE AWARE TO NOT STAY AT THE JAMESON INN BECAUSE TO ONLY HAVE 100 hotels you would thnk they could take care of them, but no no they can't even do that. Little did we know that I'f we had of had time before we left on this trip and read the reviews of this god awful hotel we would have seen all the HORRABLE disgusting REPULSING THINGS PEOPLE HAD ALREADY HAD TO ENDURE AT THIS PLACE. AND THEN FOR US TO ARRIVE HOME AND CONTACT THE SO CALLED "vice prescient " of the company TIMOTHY MANESS HE IS THE MOST CRUDE PERSON WE HAVE EVER DEAL WITH. Just do yourself and or family a favor and stay away of the Jameson inn its repulsing.

i have stayed at this motel in cleveland tn on several trips and the lady nancy at the front desk is very nasty to her employees it wouldnt do for me to be around for another rant she goes on she has no respect for others

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