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I have been a customer of the wilder jacksons/ shell for many years! In recent events when the wilder store was robbed, the family and community were commpasionate to the clerk who was on duty! This young man was ashamed of what he had done to the employee and felt very saddned he had hurt his family in such a way, and has recently died!! The clerk showed absolulty no commpasion towards this and was heard spouting his lack of regard at local buissness!! When i approached the " manager" of the wilder jacksons about my concern of him maybe saying something or being to vocal in the familys tragic loose, her reply was mortifying!! They both have voiced lack of emotion over this unexpected dealth! Now this is a VERY SMALL community and their family is a very large close family ! The family wrote a public aplogy to the towns people AND PERSONALLY spoke to the employee and manager saying how terribly sorry and upset they were!!! WHY CANT UR EMOYEES SHOW THE SAME HEARTFELT RESPECT TO THIS FAMILY, instead of running their un caring mouths to the open public! It is a very sad ending for all! Your clerk should possably take some time off in his "time" of suffering! BOTH PARTYS WERE VICTOMS and i DONT SEE THAT POOR FAMILY CAUSING ANY TROUBLE TO YOUR STORE, imagine their dismay of hearing the negative responses of one of your employees!!! When they had nothing but commpasion and sypathy for what was commited!!! A VERY DISSAPOINTED CUSTOMER OF THE WILDER JACKSONS STATION!!!

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