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I live in Chatham Ma. where you have a store. We are a small community of 6000 full time residents that rely on Tourism. This week was Chatham by the Sea. It is a very important weekend for retailers. While all the stores were open until 9 you closed at 6:00. All the stores are decorated for the holidays and stay open late offering cookies, egg nog and the like as well as discounts for Holiday shoppers. I could not help but notice that Jack Wills had absolutely not one Christmas light in your store. I am pretty offended that you do not see fit to support the community. I will not be shopping in your store-ever. You have online shopping for Christmas but do not see fit to participate in the local communities where you have shops.

Walking in the persnece of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

Thank you so much for this atcrile, it saved me time!

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