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can you pls let me know your imports or logistics manger name at J CREW office

Allow me to detail my experience shopping at the J. Crew retail store in Braintree Mass. I am a doctor of color who entered the retail store, along with a friend of mine who happens to be a practicing attorney at law. The attorney, from the Law office of Angelina Bruce Flounory, as well as myself, entered the store in search of business attire in preparation of her upcoming trial. While in the store, I was followed throughout the duration of my shopping experience. Attorney Flounory entered the fitting room in order to determine whether to make a purchase on the desired outfit. While in the fitting room, J. Crew staff both male and female repeatedly entered the fitting room inquiring as to whether we were serious in our attempt to purchase the wardrobe. Further, the security guard on duty repeatedly followed us around the store making our shopping experience unbelievably uncomfortable. Although we ultimately spent a significant amount of money in your store, it is troubling to think that people of color are not welcome to shop in J. Crew. I am a professional who enjoys spending my hard earned income on my overall presentation. I am saddened to believe that such treatment continues to exist, at what appears to be the company's urging. That being said, I rate J. Crew a 1, with very poor customer service. I will continue to pursue this matter to corporate headquarters and recommend a change in such practice as not all people of color should be deemed criminals and theives. Samantha Ambroise J.D.

Love the designs and quality of the clothing in the J.Crew Outlet mall,in Jeffersonville,Ohio. The workers are nice but,It would be nice to see a person of color working in your stores. I know the college help is leaving so maybe they will hire a few new people. Thank You Leah Forsythe

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