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your advertising is sketchy

I just got my mail and saw that JC Penny approves of advertising with Christal's "tease and please" Adult shop in the Red Plum flyer. I was a little shocked at this. I wonder about your outlook on family values. I will no longer be a patron if you choose to advertise with Red Plum, and I will share your new "values" with my friends.

Long Time Disappointed Customer

I have been a JCP customer for over 45 years and always enjoyed shopping thee until recently. The styles they carry and the quality of the merchandise is awful. Their Customer Service is even worse. I had a JCP receipt that stated I could make a return "Any Where Any Time", but when I went to return two pair of Pj's that were unworn and had the tags attached and they refused to give me the price i paid for them. They would only give me the last price the items sold for which was a tenth of my cost. I wrote a letter to their corporate office explaining and also attaching the receipts, but three weeks have gone by and have heard nothing back from them yet.

old J.C. Pennys

Please bring back the old J.C. Penny's

Geo Sorros

I will no longer shop at J.C.Penny;s because of Geo Sorros, This man is trying his best to force America into submission to one world order .He has said countless times he loves playing god, and destroy's countries.I will spread the word to my church and others in our area.


i want to be off your mailing list for anymore paper ads. i do not want my teenage granddaughters to see any of these anorexic models and consider them acceptable. you should be ashamed of yourself.

Why you are doing poorly

I went looking for a suit. None of the stores had anything over sz 48. The US is larger these days (read the papers). Anyway I wear a 52 reg. , and no store had one. There were a few separates. I tried on some separates and the slacks were cheap made klinging clothes.I went to the outlet just to check. The store was empty compared to the 1990's. You had outdated,older model clothes in piles everywhere,and not even priced competively . I did buy a Adolfo dress shirt. I took it home and opened it. Cheap, poorly sized ,and unwearable! I rebagged it, and will return it this Sunday.I normally buy my shirts from Paul Fredrick, and will most likely buy my suit from Casual Male. You clothes are Kmart or worse levels. You need to buy quality clothes to sell.


Terrible place to work they cut hours of employees who put in time sweat and holidays with there family. They hire new younger employees to replace old ones they fire you by simply just stop putting you on the schedule management is very clicky. Worst management I have ever worked with. Jcp just shut down already khols is already winning

disatisfied (sucks)

i think they should fire ron johnson as soon as possible before they go bankrupt and have more employees out of work.. i don't understand why he is still there.. i don't understand why they would take out the catalog department when thats what they were always known for and made money from. i have talked to alot of people and that seems to be the biggest thing they complain about. ron johnson go back to apple we don't want you there

Avoid the Chesterfield, Virginia Penny's. Sales people are rude, don't speak enough English to help you find merchandise they've advertised, and stand around in clumps talking with each other. You have to break into the circle to get them to pay attention to you. Will never shop there again.

why would you discontinue St John Bay T shirts for women?? they were the best. one reason why i even go in store!! ughhhhhhhhhhh

the store for which i work is horrible. ever since they started with the construction there has been all kinds of rodents running around and the management does not to anything about it.

i HATE THE NEW PENNY'S. sOME THINGS ARE CHEAP.................... CHEAPLY MADE. I am an ex customer now, Mr. Johnson you need to be fired. Is anyone even listening ????? J.C. PENNY Is now lower than K-Mart

Dearest J.C. Penny's, I am writing to compliment you for sticking with Ellen deGeneres as your company spokes-person, and not caving in to the hateful, spiteful, manipulating, small-minded, self-important "Million Moms" bunch of characters. Ms. DEgeneres represents EVERYTHING good about J.C. Penny's, with her infinite kindness and generosity, and her spirit of giving BACK to people with love and warm wishes. I applaud you and commend you for standing up against this fly-by-night outfit, and want to assure you that BECAUSE of Ellen DeGeneres, I intend to shop MORE now at your stores! God bless you all! John E. Buckingham 208 North Kellogg Street Kennewick, Washington 99336-1835 Ph. (509)783-3501 e-mail: buckjsteve@aol.com

Been a J.C.Penny shopper for many years but your recent advertising change to the monthly glossy catalog with the one low price is a real turn-off. It appears that you are attempting to morph J. C. Penny into a higher end retailer. The prices, to me, seem to be higher and there is no substance to the catalog to entice me to come in there and buy. I am sure you are saving a bundle now on printing costs because previously we were being inundated with your small dept.-oriented catalogs to supplement the large yearly catalog which we could purchase for $5.00. I am certainly not adverse to change but these monthly catalogs and the prices shown are a waste and do not meet my needs and I feel you wil lose a lot more of us ordinary people. I will continue to shop there but probably not as much.

I just want to let you know that I have spent my las penny with you. The gay commercial was just too much.

I am a long time Penny's shopper who is profoundly disappointed in the changes being made. Mr. Johnson, it isn't about coupons. It IS about finding the bargain. It isn't about boutiques....hate them...It IS about finding clothes that are practical, well made, attractive, for a great sale price. I am a senior citizen. Penny's has been for a very long time one of a very few stores that carry styles for those of us who don't want plunging necklines and short skirts. It is where I can find slacks with elastic waist bands, including jeans. It is where I can find two-piece modest bathing suits. I prefer St. John's Bay bathing suits and worry because they seem to be disappearing from your racks. I buy several sets of them each year. By now, they should be on sale. As of last week, they still were regular price. I also buy Penny's gift cards for birthday gifts. I now wonder if I should switch gift cards to another store. Mr. Johnson, in this economy, people don't want boutiques and upscale clothes. I see quotes from you that your customers don't understand the new pricing. Wrong. We do understand it and we don't like it. Bring back those sale racks. Forget the boutiques. You don't seem to understand your demographics. I strongly suggest that you hang out in some of your stores. Watch your shoppers. Talk to them. Penny's isn't Apple. I fear that you are trying to create an Apple culture in Penny's. If you are, you are the wrong person for the job.

FIVE STARS for not caving to the ravings of One Million Moms and their homophobia !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your good business sense, understanding and support of human rights, and for your humanity! I shop your stores w/gratitude and glee!!!!

I was sitting with a "large" group of friends the other night who commented on your reaction to being threatened by some deranged, close minded phobic individuals called the "million Moms" who insisted that you remove Ellen Degeneris as your spokesperson. Several people in my party commented that they do not shop at JC Pennys, but because of your stance we all (including myself) will make it a point to support you. Hurrah! for JC Pennys.

I am writing to let you know that if you get rid of Ellen Degeneres as a spokeswoman based on the fact that she is gay, I will never set foot in your store again! There are a lot more people that feel the way I do than those biggotted one million moms. I hope you don't let that discriminating group ruin your business, because that is what will happen. Please do the right thing! Thank you

It seems you people aren't listening to the complaints of TV watchers (and ex customers) about your screaming commercial. Why are you trying to inject anger and insanity into our homes? I'm now complaining to the networks - CBS to start with. I have to flip off their news each morning when that commercial comes on and go watch another station that doesn't show it - your commercial is that sickening. You snooze you loose.

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