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Your Natchez, Mississippi riverboat lunch buffet is great ! I have years of experience as an loan and equity capital underwriter, now retired, and I have been involved with the casino/hotel industry for the past ten years. Since April of this year I have visited 41 casino facilities in the southeastern states. Your buffet is the best...and a great surprise to us. Congratulations to your staff and to you.

What a gorgeous tile, I can see why it would pang to leave it bihend. And what a sad but lovely story about your trip and your Grandma.Congrats on the move in date, must be nice to finally have that quantified. I'll be thinking about you.

Amazing that I have known you long enough to remmbeer a lot of the planning that went into that fabulous trip! I absolutely LOVE those tiles! You'll need to frame that photo and hang it where you can see it as you go out the door to get the mail in your new home. That tile shows the colors and theme I would love to see my kitchen in someday. Good job getting everything moved. Moving is so exhausting, glad you can rest a bit but I'm sorry you have to move everything twice. Rest well, will keep you in my prayers.Kate

I have to say I an mediocre night stay at the Isle of Capri Bettendorf due to service of the maintenance person being rude. Why the maintenance person was there because the air conditioning was not working properly and he didn't say anything or apologizing for waking up my friends and I up at 4am. This was June 29, 2012. The day before my friend was going to get married. My friend when she called front desk she tried to be nice but it didn't happen on kindness. The room was very clean, spacious, elegant, and quiet room to sleep in.

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