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Horrible work environment. The managers and executives do not know what they are doing. No appreciation and no strategic vision

No one will even answer the at this place, I've been calling for weeks. What a sorry excuse for a CORPORATE OFFICE. That should say a great deal about this company. Very disappointed.


I had a problem during a recent visit to an islands restaurant. So I tried to call the corporate office to explain the situation. What a joke that is there wasnt even a person I could speak to just a tele prompt saying leave a message then it hung up. Are you kidding me what type of corporate ran business does that. They should be trying to please there customers not ignore them. Well needless to say I wont be going to islands ever again!!!


I'm so thankful Islands has 2 delicious Vegan options so I can eat out with my Carnivore husband, he loves the Hawaiian burger. The grilled veggie tacos (hold the cheese) & the Hoisin Veggie bowl are both delicious options. We always receive great service at the Anaheim Hills location. Thanks for thinking of us non-meat eaters too.

Los Alamitos Location

My husband and I went to the Los Alamitos location for dinner tonight. I ordered the Hoisin Veggie Bowl. The veggies were nice and crisp but the brown rice was way over cooked and mush and everything was floating in the sauce like soup. I had the same Bowl at the Long Beach location and it was cooked perfect so I guess it's just the Los Alamitos location that needs help

brea @ brea location

i was very very impressed by manager of brea location !! i had a good-bye party on november 23 3013 and she was there to make sure everything ran well big thumbs up for her mahalo gregory

Dan, the manager at the Brea Islands, is like a breath of fresh air. He walks around talking to customers making sure we are happy and enjoying our meal. He appears to have great interaction with everyone and is always happy and friendly. Never had a bad meal there! The wait staff is good also.

Terrible Food

We ate at Island December 2nd in Pasadena. The yaki's were awful. We have eaten them many, many times in Burbank and Glendale. The tortillas were hard and stiff. We sent them back and they came out not quite as stiff but there was a tablespoon of filling and hardly any teriyaki sauce. These chefs need to go to the other venues and see how they make the yaki's. Then to top if off, there was a fairly large bone in the one piece of chicken in the second try.

Terrible servcei and terrible General Manager at the Islands in Manhattan Beach! Shawn the General Manager was aweful. We left something on the table, returned 2 minutes later to find out that it was gone. I know it was our fault, but Shawn wouldn't even pretend to care! The very least he could have done was take down our name and number to see if anything turned up! DONT visit ISLANDS in Manahattan Beach! They do not care about the guest!

I have never had any problems with Islands Restaurants, and, I have been to many. So, when I went to place an order online I hade no worries about ordering and then picking my online order up. In the department of food servers, in the Roseville, CA store, you get top marks. The problem I had today was with your menu....or lack of my families favorite item on the old menu, Cabo Locos. We are so upset and disappointed. We have eaten from your menu for several years. So Please, PLEASE, bring back the cabo loco ! Thanks, Cayne

Islands is a great place to eat, but I over hear the servers have to now tip out their friendly bartenders off their sales, and their food runners now get nothing!! whats going on islands? Every time I glance into the bar the bartenders are standing around talking while everyone else is doing their job for them, and they're getting tipped out for that?

Please give this address to the corporate office to bring any Islands, Sub Way or Applebee to Downtown Los Angeles, California. I have a property at 334 South Main Street, at 4th & Main in the popular arts district between MOCA & Eli Broads Museums.. This is an outdoor mall with 200 retail spaces in a busy retail area. We have 2 restaurant spaces with alcohol licenses, 4,700 & 5,200 sq. ft. with outdoor seating and a 700 car parking structure for customers. We also have a large 2 level courtyard for customers. This is a fantastic area for any of your fantastic restaurants. Contact me at kfarkondehpour&yahoo.com for more information, sincerely, Kimberly Farr

Jennifer: Or shall I call you the cheapest person ever, congrats on contributing a normal tip, I have a cake waiting for you. P.S. you are probably fat.

The managers in the Irvine Islands was extremely unprofessional and I really recommend changing the managers.

James at the Temecula Islands was wonderful. I had a problem with the waitress tonight and I decided to let the manager know. I rarely complain, but she was very unhelpful! James was very nice and solved the problem immediately. I will definitely be back! Thanks James!!!

I love Islands, one of the few chains that offers vegetarian options. However, I want more choices- boca burgers and vegan cheeses added to the menu. This would make Islands get a five star rating from me.

I just ate at islands. How could your chicken Toucan sandwich be higher in Weight Watcher points than a Quarter Pounder at McDonalds?

My sister and I went to Islands for the second time in our lives last night. We are both very sick now. I was up all night, every time I laid down I almost threw up. Now I have a horrible migraine and a fever of 101.3! My sister now feels the same. We both shared the favorless fries. If you're cook is sick f-ing stay home! I'm never going back, ever! I got the chicken and honestly Carl's Jr tastes better and is cheaper. We only went because we had a gift card but you can't pay me to go back! Btw I went to the Orange, CA location.

Love everything about your restaurant, but your COFFEE -it's the worst1 There are better brands out there, please try to change your Brand. Sincerely Ron

The manager who was working Nov 6th was extremely rude to me and my family. The manager name Britney who works at the Islands in Huntington beach threw my boyfriends id on the table. Hes 22. We went there to celebrate my brothers birthday. My bf's id's picture looked zoomed in by the person who was working at the dmv because the camera was having problems that day. She did not scan it or anything and accused it was fake...how can it be fake when is issued from the dmv??? He took out his identification insurance card to verify his birthday name and all that and she started raisig her voice yelling at us... Are you guys that cheap not to buy the scanner? You guys serve alcohol... And can afford something to verify id's?? You guys go by the "books"... is that book from the 60s???? We will NEVER recommend ANYONE to go to islands in huntington beach!!!! Really bad service!!! We left and went to California Pizza Kitchen and had the best food and EXCELLENT service... I tipped the waitress $20 for the service and the bill was only $93.

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