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i dont really think this meohtd would work that good for people with really long hair or really curly hair cuzz your hair is really short and pretty straight to start out with but im just sayin i dont really no, and it is tru its really bad to straighten your hair when its wet?

it's amazing all the difenreft opinions on seasoning and treating cast iron. I usually season mine in my BBQ grill just because of the smoke it can create.I also usually just put a bit of water in there, scrub it just enough to get the stuff loose, then rinse it out good, set it over low heat and rub with oil to season again but I say whatever method works for you is the method you should use cast iron rocks..love to use the dutch ovens when we go camping.

WORST company I have ever dealt with. Account closure? Better be willing to fork up for a few months while the departments take their time with their heads up each others a$$es. Horrible, horrible company.

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