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not happy with your service at all

High air mattress

Bought twin high air mattress and the seam opened up in less than 90 days. It was replaced only to bubble this time in less than 60 days. Terrible, inferior product. I had a single air mattress by Intex and never had this problem.

Inferior product! Save your money

Purchased bubble spa in March 2014, worked until August 2014, called for replacement part due to warranty being one year. Intex replaced base . Received new base in September and this base quit early October. Called for replacement again and was told by customer service and the intex headquarters there was nothing they could do for us until January 2015!!!! They cannot refund $$ cannot replace the base they are made in China and will not receive a shipment in until then. Save your $550 bucks this is junk!

Great product

Holds up perfect after having to be re built after a huge branch fell in it after high winds in fl , parts of pool were crushed and we needed to buy the patch kit which is holding without a problem , it's back up and running

Any body try and get a hold of anybody in America if you have a problem with your pool!! Good Luck!! You will get connected to China every time!! Try to understand them? This company is the biggest rip off I have ever ran across in my 50 years!!

Why has my pool rusted after one Season??

To whom it may concern After one season my pool had this awful rust. Off course had to take down immediately. I have 3 Children youngest being 4. I feel I need a replacement pool as not good advertisement. Kind Regard A very Up Set mummy Original from England.

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