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Define "journalism", Dave. If it's so inextricably lienkd to a model of commerce, then can you truly call it journalism right now? I don't worry overmuch about the survivability of real journalism. I think the genie crawled out of the bottle on that one several hundred years ago.I think what's happening today, especially with the Wikileaks issue, is that people are slowly responding to the slack and mediocrity which have plagued the industry for decades, now. That won't change until journalists themselves change it. If they don't, they're more than likely going to find themselves offering to write copy on the street corner for a can of beans.

Depending on the sins you'd like to see Murdoch and Co. suffer for, it would seem that if one wants him and News Corp. to fail, one wants the eitnre current industry to fail, as well. Propping up not just old, but truly obsolete, business models should never be rewarded regardless of the perceived quality of their content. Because the business model can no longer help but taint that content directly or indirectly. Whether it be for fear of backlash from advertisers, or concern over possible litigation, or simply the inability to respond with the swiftness the 21t century now requires of information outlets, journalism needs to change, and change drastically. It will. Regardless of whether or not Disney, News Corp., or the rest of the conglomerates follow, it may very well be unavoidable. The only thing that has even a chance at stopping it, is the issue of net neutrality and its stepchild of metered bandwidth consumption for consumers and content providers.

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