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Hello, thank you for your attention, there is a website called topix, where the name of international paper is dragged through the mud, and destroying your good name, my dad worked at this mill for 45 years and it was a very respected name and one of the best places of employment a man could hope to have, employees of the mill are using the mill internet to bash and slam each other in a public forum, check this website and search for threads on international paper and see what is going on in your company, ticonderoga topix most of these people are employees on the job check it out, I can not put my name on this post because I have family that work at your ticonderoga ny mill thanks for looking and hope this opens your eys respectfully

ran a story in its January 8th edition climnaig that vacancy rates in the bulky goods warehousing sector are falling as councils are being pragmatic with regard to out-of-town planning requirements due to current market conditions and becoming minded to allow a vacated site intended for bulky goods to be put to other use . The article sites 29 examples, many of which were given over to supermarket chains, some to offices and some to housing. Overall, vacancy rates in bulky goods warehousing rose from 9.6% in 2007 to 13% by 2009 and then fell back to 10.7% last year.

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