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Looking forward to the SASE post.You decptisrion of this is why I have started using Automated Postal Machines. Sure, it lacks human contact and the opportunity for a good laugh. But it also stops me from grinding the enamel from my molars.I'm convinced that this no articles over 16 ounces bearing stamps rule has nothing to do with terrorism (I've always been unclear on how it possibly could anyhow), but everything to do with making me use those Automated Postal Machines (the technicality here being that the mailing stickers it dispenses aren't stamps and thereby allow you to drop anything up to a washer-dryer combination directly into the mail.Of course, every so often, a real meathead stands in front of you at the APM. But after screwing up a few times answering the onscreen questions, they usually go stand in line.If you're into keeping you options open, grab a number for the real post office line, and then go to the APM. If the APM is slow and the post office is fast, you can always go back to the human interface. Of course, this has never yet happened to me

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