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Hello, My name is Kimberly Bell. I work for the City of Grenada Planning & Zoning Department. Our city is growing very fast and kids here have nothing to do. Now as for myself and others we drive our kids 100 miles to get to an Incredible Pizza. All kids love Incredible Pizza and there are some who has never got the chance to get there because of the mileage. When have had several franchises coming to our town opening business that is doing just great. I know for sure your business will turn our town into a place everybody would want to stay. We are known for our great lake and our crappie season. Grenada, MS is located in the middle of I-55 and I-51. Between Grenada we are surrounded by Duck Hill, MS, Tillatoba, MS, Coffeeville, MS, Calhoun, MS, North Carrollton,MS, Carrollton MS, Winona MS, Oakland, MS, Charleston, MS, Holcolmb, MS, Greenwood & Greenville MS., Eupora MS, Starkville, MS, & Columbus MS. That is just an idea of what kind of money can be made in this town and for your business. Now I know that franchising is a lot of money in which I don't have enough to start it up, the only thing I can do is pray that one day of kids would have something to occupy their time and stay out of trouble. Would you please see what can be done to get an incredible pizza brought to our city. You can email me back at kimbell@cityofgrenada.ms

Had a birthday party at the St. Peters location Saturday for my Grandson. We paid for the 15 children, as agreed; but my daughter's credit card was also charged for 15 adults! No one at Incredible Pizza will explain HOW they came up with this number and WHY just tag it to her card? There were not that many adults in attendance! Three of the adults still have their receipts, another paid by credit card, others said they just left their receipts on the tables or threw them away with their plates because they were not informed they were to turn them in (my daughter was not informed of this policy either when she booked the party). When I stopped at the register to inform them I was there for my grandson's party and asked if I was to pay at the register or the birthday counter, I was told "I just need to stamp your hand." She stamped my hand and let me in; so I thought I did not have to pay. We know how ONE of those charges made it to my daughter's card! My daughter has made THREE attempts to speak to someone at St. Peters - Sam did not return her call, Joe said she needed to talk to the general manager, and Jordan Cubbs will not return her call. Today I tried to reach Mr. Cubbs, was switched to the call center and placed on hold for twelve minutes while the operator tried to find someone in the St. Peters store to talk to me. No one ever came back on the line. I then called the Corporte Headquarters to speak to someone in Customer Service, and guess what? VOICE MAIL! I left a message over an hour ago - still have not heard from anyone. Overall, the children had fun in the game room; personally, I would not pay for the food by choice; the different theme dining areas are entertaining; desparately need more staff to clean tables, wipe spills, and replentish supplies!! You certainly do not get your money's worth.

I just left your establishment here in Saint Peters, Missouri. The food never changed from the lunch menu to the dinner menu, only the price. Even after that there wasnt properly cooked food, heat/temperature wise, taste, unidentifical items, not labeled. I was having my nephew and neice birthday party at this location, very disappointing and especially at the price point. I did speak with the manager who wasnt very helpful. My email address is malise51@yahoo.com.. I will await your response, prior to posting unsatisfactory information warning others about this bad experience via the internet resources, youtube, facebook etc...

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