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Poor company at best

I've had numerous machines of different brands all of witch made by icon. Even their higher quality pricey machines have problems...all of them. Their assembly quality control stinks let alone the engineers designing these parts are lousy as well. This company makes and sells cheap parts at astronomical prices. A 44 inch deep belt is 90.00 plus 20.00 shipping..WTF...belts cost 10.00 to 30.00 for most of the equipment sizes, buy them online and shipping should be under 10.00....they say it may be special material but that's not the case. Only a few companies like Gates and Dayton make standard poly serpentine belts. I found NTN r8 bearings for 9.00 to replace their 24.00 China junk bearings. This is just part of one experience! Either their corporate team is stupid and doesn't watch quality or their engineers work or they are plain greedy and don't care. Corporate America....sad...the problem is if you want a real commercial machine not made by them,be prepared to spend 4000.00 on up. Good luck be smart and do your research 1st.


Purchaed a 18.0 Eliptical machine May 20th 2013 got two uses out of it and the rod assembly completely fell off, The worse that is the piece that was assembled at the factory. Called the Service number for them they want me to take it apart and tell them what part they need to ship so a technician can come out and fix it. Explained to her I have no idea what I am looking at in your fly wheel assembly, she said that is the process. Explained to her that would like me telling you to open your computer and tell me what is broken if you dont know what you are looking at then how do you tell them what is broken

Icon Health and Fitness Products

I purchased a Proform Elliptical under 2.5 years ago. It is not used frequently. The steel connection that fastens the right side to the base snapped abruptly while in use. The part is clearly defective, and I could have been injured if a wall did not brace the fall. Money is being made off of defective parts, as they expect customers to pay extremely high prices for replacement parts and service. Customer service is reprehensible, and they must not care about repeat customers.

Purchased a Pro-Form Eliptical CrossTrainer820. After seven years the Flex Bar which is the part that supports the total weight of the user suddenly broke into (2) peices. The user was thrown from the machine when it happened that could have caused serious injury. In my view this should not have ever happened as the Flex Bar is key and central to the users safety. It completely supports the total weight of the user as it is being used. I provided images of the breakon part to Icon Customer Service for evaluation but they were not interested. I was told the machine was out of the warranty period and would not consider the event to be a recall issue. What was offered was a replacement part for a cost of 100% more than Sears which was where the machine was purchased from initially. For those of you who still have this model machine please be aware of this defect as it could happen to you at anytime it is being used. Finally, there should be a rating for (0 Stars)

Ordered my treadmill in mid-April and was told to expect it to be delivered and set up in 2 weeks. After 3 weeks I called and found out it hadn't even been shipped due to an error on their part. I was told I would receive it within a week, plus a 10% credit. Neither were received. Called again and again, as they NEVER call me back when they say they are. Now, my product has been sitting here locally at UPS waiting for USASSEMBLY to pick up and deliver for two weeks! USASSEMBLY does not return phone calls and keeps promising to call back. Never happens. Called ICON, again repeatedly...told I would get a call back over 2 days ago...never received...plus another $120 credit (never to be seen I am sure). After spending over $2000, I am now requesting a refund...only to find out that they are not answering calls at the "return" line due to year-end (?) inventory???? At least the rest of you received your product.

I am writing this in an attempt to help any ICON customers out there. If a customer calls ICON for help on a machine they are helped as quickly as possible however if the customer does not have the model number and serial number of the machine then the call will go very slowly and the customers waiting in line will wait even longer. There is an automated recording during the wait period that will repeat "Please have your model number and serial number available" which should give you plenty of time to get the information. Without the model number the call cannot be completed and you will end up having to call back in again. The model number is the number on the front cover of your Users Manual on the LEFT HAND SIDE. Under the model number is a blank line where you need to write your serial number in. Under the blank line there is a picture of your machine with an arrow pointed to where the serial number can be found. For quicker assistnance I would suggest registering your machine on the web site www.iconservice.com at least 24 hours prior to calling. That way your telephone number will pull up your machine information. I would suggest having your manual with you as there is an exploded drawing and parts list in the back section of the book that you may want to refer to if you run into any questions about parts.

I have a treadmill that I cannot even put together because the hardware was missing and it has been weeks and still no response from Nordic track. Oh, and by the way, if you get a commercial 2150 treadmill, it is not for commercial use. Nordic Trac voided my warranty because I put the commercial treadmill in a commercial building. They said it is not meant for commercial use. Go figure. I have called several times with no response and I still have a treadmill that I cannot put together.

I have a Nordic Track treadmill for which I need servicing. I have had multiple problems trying to arrange for parts and service w/ representatives of ICON not the least of which was the impossibility of contacting an agent. Not less than 3 times I had to call customer service, 2 of which were due to an error on their part. Each time I waited on the phone for at least 10 minutes, the last time over 30 minutes until the battery in my phone died! In addition the agent screwed up the first order because he failed to order all the parts that I had authorized. The issue, that I had discussed with the agent, was to avoid a second $100 +/- service call by having all the parts when the service technician came to fix the treadmill.

What a joke and one that is not funny at all. Bought a Tour de France bike and it is a true Tour de Farce made in china. Original bike came 2 months after order. Thank goodness I had express shipping! It was damaged before put into the shipping box and as it turned out, beyond repair. They said they would replace but I would have to wait a month. I returned the damaged goods and then got word there would be further delays. Response by email was nonexistent until I went ballistic on phone and then ceased after that. Complaints will be filed with the corporate offices, if I can find an address, BBB and Utah Attorney General. The promise of financing could not be accomplished online, 60 day delivery by "express" shipping for $75 is false advertising and representation that they have Customer Service is misleading. Everything that comes through Utah is normally very impressive and with totally impressive customer service. This company should be run out. Don't expect the purchase of this product to lower you blood pressure. Tom

The most poorly ran company I have ever been forced to deal with. I bought their ProForm Treadmill and after several years, needed a new part. After three weeks with no ability to get a live body on the telephone and being disconnected at the tail end of trying to make an online purchase, I finally started calling their corporate headquarters which was difficult since they don't make it easy to find the telephone number. The VP Ops, while nice, pretended he had no idea his service was so bad and said someone would call me to take my order. This occured and when the part arrived, it did so without a single document showing how to install it and the manual didn't provide that info either. I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU BUY YOUR WORKOUT EQUIPMENT FROM ANYONE BUT THESE FOLKS.

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