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regarding ex employee verification

please provide HR contact number or mail id.

Do not go to IBSN and SIRI global service. They are cheaters.

They are really big cheater.got Audit and trying to reach them but no phone and email is working ...not professional at all.They will rip you off by showing number then IRS will take all amount with intrest and penalty.

Very bad customer service. They charged me 300$ as fee, but forgot to submit my Federal return.. Now nobody is picking up phone. never go with IBSN, they are cheaters...


I filed my US tax 2010 thru IBSN India. They charged me Rs 15000 ( US $300). They also told me that they will provide "Error free Audit Guarantee" for another Rs 5000 (US $100 ). They promised that thus guarantee includes they will take care fines (upto US $6000) if income tax auditors (in US) comes out with findings. I paid totally Rs 20000. Actually this Mar 2011 I got it into MA State income tax audit and they asking me to pay $3300 for my tax filing 2010. I immediately tried to contact IBSN. They neither attended any of my phone calls nor answer my emails. One day there was guy calling me from IBSN. I thought they are asking more details for my case. But He called me to ask whether I want to file tax with them this year. He wants all the information for filing tax for this year. I asked them to answer my state auditor first. They gave me some mail ids after so many calls. I sent all the details to the following mail ids. vikram.ravoori@ibsnus.com and laxmi.palaypu@ibsnus.com. I do NOT get any reply or answer from them. I conclude that IBSN is Fraud Company. I came to know that they moved from Hyderabad to Chennai this year. This company has to be closed. This way no one will be cheated in the future. Thanks, Lenin

Never Use IBSN. Junk and after filing and taking money, If you have audit, nobody will reply till the time is passed. Gutless.. All promises made by them are false.

Dont ever go to IBSN for any of your tax needs. It is one of the worst service you can get in this world. Tell your friends also 'NO IBSN for anything'

IBSN is Junk. They have so many phone numbers and email addresses. But they'll never give a response. All phone numbers goes to voice mail. So pathetic to approach them. They charge more than others.

I received the worst ever customer care from IBSN. I had to teach IBSN folks about the difference between regular tax filing (1040) and amendment filing (1040X). Though they have 10 different contact numbers and 5 mail ids for support, I never received response from any of them. If you are lucky enough to get hold of a folk on line, he will hung up that he will get back but they wont. I have pasted my last mail communication to one of their senior official as escalation after months of follow-ups but even he turns out to be a dumb. Finally I had to call bank to dispute the transaction and get the money refunded back. They are the WORST in customer care. I never recommend to any one and also I told my friends that I referred to hold off. I also attached the screenshot which shows the status that got stuck on 2/21 and no updates thereafter. Mon, March 14, 2011 6:07:10 PM Re: Unhappy customer - Need Refund of Fees - TC10767 From: Karthick Nethaji <karthick.nethaji@yahoo.com> View Contact To: ramesh.krishnan@ibsnus.com Wow, what an awesome customer care! Even after few escalations, there is no response. A perfect example to post for 'IBSN reviews' over the web. I will make my own efforts to get my money back. Thanks, Karthick From: Karthick Nethaji <karthick.nethaji@yahoo.com> To: ramesh.krishnan@ibsnus.com Sent: Fri, March 11, 2011 7:28:20 PM Subject: Unhappy customer - Need Refund of Fees - TC10767 Hi Ramesh, I am writing this mail to you after weeks of follow-ups for an update of my amendment. The customer care is very worse as they are not reachable most of the times and if reachable, they are not able to answer any of the questions. None of the mails sent to mail ids mentioned in 'contact us' are answered. I have been dealing with Francis, Silambarasan, Rajan over the weeks and they just provide false hopes and nothing else. I also spoke with Deepak (who seems to be a Manager) but he also disappeared after the promise. I also need to instruct and teach IBSN folks that the amendment is different from regular tax returns. And every time, I need to explain my problem to a different folk that answered the call and finally ending up in vain. At this moment, I don't want to file with IBSN and I want my money (340$) refunded that I paid as part of tax summary fees on 2/18. PS: If you would be interested to know the background of the issue, I have listed the summary in the attachment. Also, if I don't hear back for this mail as well, then I will not call IBSN any more, instead I will call the bank to launch a complaint to get the refund. Please check and let me know. Thanks, Karthick

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