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TO : Holiday Home Builders FROM : Christopher & Tracey Conrad 11601 Mesa Crossing Drive Haslet, TX 76052 We are filled with an overwhelming need to add this addendum to your survey as a simple check or one line explanation does not fully convey our feelings in certain matters concerning our new home. Before we continue we will say that there has been only one undeniable reason we continued the arduous journey of building a home with your company. It was the floor plan of the Parker House that we had built. No other builder in our area offered a house with this floor plan and it suited our needs perfectly. If this were not the case we would have walked away from your organization inside of the first week. My wife and I could collectively write a dissertation on what went wrong from the start to the very end of our experience with you but I will cover only the highlights here. 1. When we first discovered the Parks at Willow Ridge, there was never anyone in the model to deal with. We had to hunt down a sales person in another development to get any information. Then when we did find someone they knew nothing about our area such as Home Owners Associations, style of homes offered in our development and so on. *Please note that your competitor, Sandlin Home Builders, who had a model across the street was literally begging for our business and willing to throw in a long list of discounts and upgrades to earn that business. 2. Once we did get a sales person “ Kate”, she was as helpful as she could be given she was not familiar with our development. However this was short lived. 3. Once we signed a contract with Kate and got the ball rolling my wife and I did all that we could do to meet our obligations within that contract so that as few setbacks as possible would occur to include SELLING OUR HOME and moving into a rental property. Shortly after the selling of our house we get a call out of the blue stating that that the lot we had chosen and signed a contract on was no longer available and we were now starting from scratch. Your company effectively promised/sold us something that you did not own. *Please note, the original lot we chose was the corner stone of our reason for signing the contract in the first place and this was made clear to our sales person Kate. “If you can get us that lot we will make the deal.” So we found ourselves homeless, with a short deadline on a build project and no lot. 4. Well, once a suitable replacement lot was made available we moved on hoping that was the last of the major obstacles we would have to endure. This turned out not to be the case. 5. Shortly after the NEW contract was signed and the new lot agreed upon, Kate either quit your company or was fired. So now we found ourselves with no salesperson at all. We were given numbers to people to contact to continue on with our build but there really was no living person in our area to deal with face to face. The worst part of this “Kate Leaving” issue was that everything she told us, promised us, understood and discussed with us was all gone. All that planning and talking vanished. This caused us major problems down the road when the house was actually being built. By having to start all over again with a new contract, we had to extend our lease TWICE because of your delays which caused us to have to pay 2 months of rent at $1,300.00! 6. Enter Kevin our general contractor and building supervisor. Kevin proved to be very good at his job, down to the final moments, however he really didn’t know what Kate had promised us or what some of our expectations were because Kate took all those secrets with her. I will commend him though on doing the very best that he could. * Please note that we had an issue with our stairs that sums up exactly what we are talking about. Kate told us one thing and when the build came we ended up with something else and to get this corrected we had to shell out more money. 7. There were several other bumps in the road such as the empty lot next to our house being left in a terrible state of disarray with rock piles and liter. A by product from the construction of our house we guess. * If this issue could be taken care of now, that would be great but we are not holding out any hope. * The fence we paid for was put up with the “nice side” facing out. But since the fence was already up by the time we noticed, it was obvious that was how it would remain. 8. We could go on to mention the very long list of incentives other builders were willing to give us to earn our business and your company offered only a small incentive towards our closing cost and not much else. I guess the economy is not hurting your company. My wife and I felt like we really had to work at giving you over $200K where as I think it should have been the other way around. Your company did not really earn or work for our business, it was simply your floor plan that sold us and that was it. 9. Lastly, after all the stumbling blocks, missed deadlines, construction snafu's, and general hardship we had to endure you managed to drop the ball one last time. We started the process with your company in February and here we are at the end of September, finally closing on our new home. Everyone is excited, we are closed, the money has changed hands, my entire family is in the driveway with the U-Haul truck, I present my wife with the the new fancy owners manual given to us at closing and her new house keys ….... and the keys given to us at closing DO NOT FIT THE DOOR ! We are locked out of our new house......classic Holiday Home Builders move. It fit so very nicely with the entire experience we have had with your company. The cherry on top. *Luckily Kevin was on the spot and arrived 30 minutes later to meet us all sitting on the front step. He let us in to our new house. 10. The list of disappointments goes on and on and could be much more extensive but we simply don’t have the time or energy to go into more detail. We are in our new house and doing our very best to forget what it took to get into this position and just enjoy ourselves. You gave us a survey, these are our responses. *In Closing...after everything, the money due back to us at closing was delayed. There was not enough postage paid for the mail service to deliver the letter to our house. So we had to shell out .44 cents to get our closing money from the post office. Perfect...

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