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I have been trying to contact this school for years to sit down and take my limited scope test and no one as called me back and its going on 3 years. I am angry

The worst lying uneducated School to waste space on the earth!

If u want to save yourself a headache, please choose another school. False advertisement and uneducated teachers or shall I say ssstudents because they know just about as much as you do and that's being a new student that has never studied your field before! I couldnt wait to leave the school. I feel like I wasted alot of time and money.

I have a Incredible teacher for my night classes calles rob! I seen many teachers let gobierno and rules are alwayz changing!!!!! ?? Know we have to right JOURNALS!!! Highschool stuff. The admissions are All blonde party looking girls and everytime games come up they tell yu that u won but u never recieve the gift?? They also blow up your cell when you miss school? We Know the rules? Sad Sad sad

WORST COLLEGE EVER!!! I had to switch my class schedule from AM to PM classes! BIG MISTAKE!! There is a teacher by the name of Janessa who is AWFUL! apparently its cool to take smoke breaks start class late and talk about whatever the hell "PERSONAL ISSUES" necessary. I'm sorry I thought I was paying 20,000 freaking grand to LEARN X-RAY! Not hear about swag and ghetto shit! HATE THIS SCHOOL!!!! FUTURE PEOPLE DO NOT COME HERE YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!

The ABSOLUTE WORST school in the United States I'm pretty sure. Teachers are pathetic and I can't even describe the students. They let just about anyone there. You dont even have to work to get an A, THE TEACHERS CHEAT!! Now I cant even get into another school because they are still using my Financial Aid money!

Ok so to whom this may concer: The only reason your even getting 1 star is because there isn't a choice for not even worth rating! I was so excited to start your school but that was SHORT LIVED! The front office staff at this school is a joke. Just because you get to sit behind a desk doesn't make you any better than anybody else....Brett and Toni!!!!!!!!! When you pass them in the hall they have their nose so far in the air it isn't funny. Financial Aid....hahaha...how can you lose someone's personal information??? I have less than a week left and have never been more excited to leave a place than this. Ok so a mod is 6 weeks...last mod I had 6 DIFFERENT INSTRUCTORS...what's wrong with this picture. We have a week left in this mod and here we go again a different instructor...who by the way isn't a very pleasant one if I may add. So before you go to trying to be a smartass... you need to know a little about your students...some people do have health problems and you calling them out infront of the class is a little unprofessional..not a good way to start out!!!!! So to anyone reading this if you want to throw your money away go for heritage if not I advise you to choose another college.

Thanks alot - your answer solved all my porlebms after several days struggling

Inoframtion is power and now IÂ’m a !@#$ing dictator.

I worked for heritage college only for 7 short weeks, up until 2 weeks ago, when they fired me for no good reason at all. They really treat their own staff just as bad, if not worse than their own students. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS "SCHOOL" TO ANYONE!!! IT IS A TOTAL JOKE!!! I was one of the staff members that worked in admissions. I want to apologize for being apart of a team that was misleading, and even LYING, to potential students. Please, if anyone reading this is already a student, or is even considering going to school, please DO NOT MAKE HERITAGE COLLEGE YOUR CHOICE!!! I absolutely believe in the value of education, and for those of you who are already attending or thinking about attending, I would strongly urge you to seek out your local community colleges as a healthy alternative. Thank you and good luck!!

Where do I begin? I was so excited about starting school 5 months ago. Had finally decided that Surgical Technology was the career path for me. The first four months were great! The last 5 weeks have been HORRIBLE! I totally agree with the above sentiments. The staff are nothing more than used car salesman "selling" what they think you want to hear. This school is ridiculously expensive and more times than not, I drive an hour (each way) to be babysat! I'm 35! I do not need to be babysat and I DO NOT learn anything by rewriting my book because my "instructor" is too lazy or "busy" to teach. I have gone to the front office TWICE in one month's time and been told each time that someone would get back with me...STILL waiting...the drama that goes on at that school reminds me of a high school-THAT I'M PAYING EXORBITANT AMOUNTS OF MONEY TO ATTEND! The staff/instructors are sub-par and patronizing. DONE WITH IT!

There is not a choice to rate this as 0stars... i honestly wish there were. My biggest advice is to NOT attend here. I have had it with this school! I am so close to graduating and this place has gone ridiculously insane! Ive seen in less than a year, 3 instructors go, another get suspended... and well the madness just continues on! I can't believe I'm stuck here, paying my hard earned money to better my education to have to deal with the craziness. I give up, ive tried talking to the upper management. Ive tried everything inside the school to resolve issues they KNOW what's really going on, but they choose to not see it! I can't be done with this place quick enough!!!!

To whom it may concern I have been a student Here in Florida for 13 month. I can tell you that there have some positive and a lot of negative at this school. I had to change my day class to night due to the teachers they are all about drama. I have never seen anything like it I will give names Mary Ellen Powell, Michell not sure of her last name. I do not think they should be able to teach. The school can not find teachers that can teach. this school has lost some relay good teachers Deb Regan. Barb not sure of her last name, the office staff is a true joke as well you have more of you office staff outside smoking and taking breaks than I can count. the bathrooms are nasty the whole school on the 3rd floor is filthy the break room is so nasty I would not eat in there I hope you clean it up as for the good teachers you have maybe 5 good teachers out of the whole school.. the rest should be back where they came from. I am looking into speaking to lawyer to see if I may be able to do any thing about this there is so much more.. I have much much more so if I were CORPORATE i sure would look into this as you have a lot of unhappy students.

This "school" is a total rip off. The admissions team are basically a bunch of used cars salesmen trying to sell you a broken down piece of junk for the price of a new car. Do yourself a favor and don't go here, you will get a seriously worthless education that hold absolutely no weight. Oh and also you will end up paying more for their crappy knock off degrees when you can get a B.S or B.A for less at a university.

absolute biggest mistake of my life going to heritage college!!! rgaduated in august, 2010 and still have yet to find a job as a x-ray medical techician. Nobody here accepts my heritage educations. big waste of time and money. now i'm going to spend 2 more years and about $30,000 more to go to another school which I know will give me a real education and a real chance in the career i want

Since I have been at this little rock college I've had problems with the way myself and other students r getting treated!!! We r grown folks n not grade school students and keeping a journal of everything is RIDICULOUS this crap is going way 2 far and if this keeps happening u will c myself and other students dropping as far as I'm concerned I WILL NOT recommend this school 2 anybody!!! The front office people r being 2 ignert and tryin 2 b somebody they ain't and if u need a name I will gladly say who it is Til them get this LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS COLLEGE serious n not such s joke!!! Thx have a great day!!!!

2day is the saddest day ever!! The BEST MA teacher got fired because of racist!! If anyone needs 2 b watched it DOES need 2 b the FRONT OFFICE and FINANCIAL AIDE!!!! So it would b a good idea 4 the home office 2 come n check things out on campus!!!! I wouldn't recommend this school 2 anybody!!! There does need 3 b some changes n they r the FRONT OFFICE and FINANCIAl AIDE!!!! U will b missed 2 the BEST MA TEACHER!!!!

Where to begin....the Arkansas branch is about the saddest excuse for a college. The staff act like you (the students)are children. Some of the front office staff are or act racist. When you actually have an instructor who teaches what needs to be taught and students are learning and passing their class you would think that certain personnel would not harass them. For me who has to pay for the schooling myself with no help, would think that you would get more respect than this. Personally I think that the main branch needs to come down here and clean house. This place is nothing more than a joke!!!! So if you are looking in to applying at the Heritage College in Little Rock Arkansas....THINK TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I have been here (7 months) I have seen alot of front staff come and go. Had to re-do my financial aid three times because of mistakes THE STAFF MADE when keying in info. Was told different dates that my refund would come in. Dates would come and go and I would be given another date. when it finallay came it was 1200 dollars less than what they told me it would be. This has happened to lots of students. But with all this I hung in there because my M A teacher was the BEST!!Not only me but the entire student population loved to be in her class. She taught us in a professional manner that helped even the (for lack of better word) dumbest person could comprehend and obtain the training needed to graduate and be a success. Today the "Front STAFF" FIRED the best instructor in the school. I am saddened about this misfortune to her but also to me and other students that will no longer have her expertise to guide us. This is a tragedy of misjustice. The school has suffered a terrible loss!!!!!!! The front staff needs to be observed and checked for racial discrimination. Just so you know I am white.

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