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terrible experience

I ordered something and i never got it and they don't want to return my money or reshipped the item!!! Poor company!!!

The worst!!!!

So rude, so unprofessional! Can't believe its a Nordstrom company. The customer service reps argue with you on the phone because you're upset your item is late. Will never do business with this company again, they take on more than they can handle.

Terrible I've spends hundreds and hundred of dollars and my two hundred dollar order came in all cracked and called customer service basically told me they could do nothing no exchange anything very disappointing. They don't even package it well or give me a recipt just throw it in a box. I will be telling everyone to not shop here

Not representing Nordstrom very well

I'm very disappointed with Hautelook! I have ordered a few items from you and it hasn't been a great experience! Customer Service is not so great! I'm been waiting for my latest order since December 21st been trying it per Hautelook's website and my package is in San Juan, Puerto Rico! Really! This is not a "GOOD" look. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!


I have just been on the phone with member care addressing the lack of a refund for items returned over two weeks ago without a credit. She left the phone and never returned. I waited about 12 minutes. This is service? Am shocked at your Nordstrom connection! Guess I'll have to turn this over to Amex.


HORRIBLE!! stay away. the fact that this company is owned by Nordstrom is an embarrassment on Nordstrom behalf. This company is a complete joke. I cancelled my order and they still sent it to me and charged me. The order took 4 weeks to get to me on top of that and the eyeshadow was cracked and broken. Buy somewhere else and spare yourself the headache.


They tell you on the phone it will be 10 minutes and then its another 20 and they so not get back to you. Even through email. Worst place I have ever had to deal with

Customer DisService

Purchased an item on Haute Look, now it is 4 weeks later, no item, no notification. Tried to contact customer service for 4 days, live chat does not work, phone contact, each time 20-25 minutes wait, still no answer. Finally someone answered on 5th day, the rep was not able to give me any information, just offered $10.00. My time is worth more then this. Tried calling again, nothing. My credit card was charged. Will dispute the charge as fraudulent. Do not purchase from this company again. And now I find out they are owned by Nordstrom, which is known for its examplary customer service. Too bad it does not trickle down to its holdings.

Terrible quality and follow up

I purchased a white shag rug and upon receiving, realized the quality was terrible! Very different looking rug from the picture on website. Contacted via e-mail a customer service rep whom asked me for information regarding the order that they should have had visibility to, and now 6 weeks later, have never received follow up. Will be calling corporate, but as a shopper of One Kings Lane, Joss & Main, etc, will NEVER buy another item from Hautelook! INCREDIBLY disappointing & unprofessional.

HAHA i like how since everyone was like this is not for broke ppleoe on teh last one theyre like you can also just get inspiration if you like are poor. *shudders* hahahha fail.

I have contacted your site 5 times with the same question yet have not received one response. Shame on you! Why would I do biz with you when yuo don't even know the first - and only - rule for successful retail business: CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I'm sure your owners are not going to behappy to heqr about this. And I know them personally.

I have shopped with tou for a while now.. loved what I bought. Yesterday my order arrived. I opened it with excitement. When I took out the first item I relized it wasn't what I ordered. I then took out the second item and again,not what I ordered. Not my taate and way to large. I looked at my packing receipt and saw a name of a women who lived in Fla on it, address,phone number as well. I tryed calling your return dept twice.I used your call back option. I received a call from you, no one one the line, hello, no one there. I called again, same thing, again.... I then went on line for a live chat. OMG, talk about going around and around.. I wrote I received someones order, not mine.. Reply,what is your order number. I gave it. Reply, i see you received your order already... No, i received someones elses oder,not mine..I then gave the order number from the invoice from the women in Fla. What was inside.. I went around and around to try to make this person underatand the misstake.. I got so frustrated I let my husband take over.. He started at the begaining and through much time, reply, oh, the Fla women called in and got your order.... Daa.... a return tag from UPS was to be emailed to me. Didn't get it.. i went back next day and did live chat again. Another long conversation .. then I waa told she couldn't help me....Would talk to the first person i chatted with... I've spent so much time on this I'm so turned off by the lack of the ability to comprehend something so simple. Now I wait fora return label.... This is no way to do business. I do underatand misstakes can be made , but come on, this is your misstake and I shouldn't have to spend hours trying to fix it... What's so hard to understand, I GOT THE WRONG MERCHANDISE.!!!!!! Fix it!!!!!! Please contact me, do something. I want to get this to who it belongs to and I want what I've PAID FOR....Thank you, Melissa Beaulieu .....mmpie59@comcast.net...603.667.5299 est... holefully there someone who cares.....

Shipping takes forever, and the prices aren't really much of a bargain. Can go to overstock.com, Amazon, Buy.com for similar merchandise at a better price. Muat go to corporate to find a customer service phone number. Haute is a hoax!! Very dissatisfied.

Buyer BEWARE - I'm going to be posting all over the internet to make sure people who consider buying from this company are aware of how dreadful their customer service group is. I have yet to hear one truthful word from them! I made a $250 purchase through them and got only the table tops without LEGS!! I refuse to return the products before I have full refund because they have failed at every turn to do what the say they are going to do. It's hard to believe this is a Nordstrom company!!

I've tried several times to clear up a main database issue. Even though I was not receiving email notices daily about sales, I continued to search the site out myself and continued to buy. After several attempt to clear up this relatively minor issue, I have given up. There are too many OTHER off price website to choose from. Did you know that Nordstrom (known for their customer service) bought Hautelook.com? Looks like someone is considered the black sheep because NO ONE is handling all these customer service and quality (lace thereof) problems.

I return a item on 4/28 and after 3 weeks of no response I finally called them to ask about my credit and I questioned their policy wich they state the credit is issue within 24-48 hours.They apologize and said they would credit right way. So if I hadn't called they would just kept my money but not their policies? Very untrusted.

I also had the worse experience w/this company- customer service is terrible! Teh return policy is no good- especially when you have other competitive sites offering better returns policy and customer service reps.

When I got my order the products were nothing like what was described on the website. I could only use 1 of the 5 items I ordered. I have tried to contact throught their email but haven't heard anything back in over two weeks. I am going to try another avenue. Won't order form them again.

order two night stands. Only received one. Called the company, they told me twice i would get a call back from a supervisor. No one ever called. Sent an email to customer service, took 6 days to get a return email and it was no help. I did not want to be credited for the one that didnt get sent. Why would I need one night stand?

I have had the worst expeirence with this company! I purchased something from this site and was not happy with the product,so I returned it. I was given credit for the product and when i tried to apply the credit to another purchase it would not allow me to use my credit. I kept receiving an error message stating that i was not to use my credit at this time and would need to pay using my credit card. I caled up the company asking what the issue was and the rep told me that I would need to they need to hold funds from my credit card in order to apply the credit to my puchase. I didnt this seemed right and asked to speak to a manger and the rep refused. I was then told by the same rep that she would need my account info and password inorder for her to log into my account to try to see what the issue was. I refused to give her my password because I had my credit card information on file and did not want her having access to my information. The rep told me she could not help me unless i gave her that info.... Buyer Beware of this site!!!!!

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