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I thouht i found a good bank because it had the name trust in it maybe i just had help from one worker who had a bad day and was rude when they had no idea what happened to my account nor the funds my father dearly saved just for me to put in a trusting account.i complained and the few managers would direct me to dead ends.if any one hears my callins from kimbery and found my bank acco nt with the amount of 50.000. money that amount shouldnt be ignored and its not a godly life style.what is a lost and found at a trust bank.i confess that jesus is Lord that god raised him from the dead.i believe it with ALL my Heart.and i have fAith my problem will be solved by a responsible person . Who has a truth ful highly working .a job. To responsiblely take upon the irresposible and rude ones who has no authority to take from my father.theres no more beggin what belongs to me.an aggrement .dedication and love with my obedience and why should i give up.the few did. Im thirsty weres my water. Fill back.(dr)

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