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YOU ARE INVITED, I am the president of, Global Enterprise International. I would love to see Essence, O, Jet and other media produce a show about Synthetic-Fuels produced from recycled materials. To include municipal waste, bio-matter, there are many programs but none that focus on this subject. As an American citizen and the only Afro-American woman president who has spearheaded this type of project, a reporter or personality accepting our invitation to visit a site and or interviewing someone like myself could assist greatly in the call for USA based companies to assist in the effort to reduce our countries dependency on foreign fuel and ultimately reach a zero dependency. This project will provide 5000+ employment opportunities that are sorely needed in today’s economy. I am a self-made entrepreneur, woman, mother of 6 and a person who is doing more than standing by while America’s future is being stolen right from under our noses. Currently there is a quiet take over occurring, rolling right through America’s front door. What is that you ask? Foreign companies have targeted us as the next (Green-Gold) Buying up oil fields and slating GTL refiners to be built in the USA. Sure, they will provide jobs but it will be foreign funds and foreign capital that will be sent outside of the USA to further the goals of foreign companies. The time is now for the USA to become the leader in, alternative energy, fuel technology, bio-sciences. The American dream is still alive inside of me and many Americans. Oprah, Essence Magazine, Jet Magazine is proof that it works. Wow, what better legacy can one leave behind than a legacy where you have made an impact on humanity and the earth through using waste to produce energy and fuels derived from synthetic waste and recycled products. Waste to Energy = saving the earth’s resources+job creation+economic development+ lowering carbon emissions. I invite Esssence Magazine, Jet Magazine, (O) Oprah and Gayle King to join me in a tour of the site where the, Synergy Phase I & Phase II (CTL Refinery & Power Plant) will be built and the city where this first of its kind project will break ground. We are talking clean energy! Please join us in our efforts. Let us join forces to uplift USA citizens and improve economic development one community at a time. Team GEI, thank you for listening and encourage you to contact us. We welcome your comments, suggestions and invitation to interview with you. Should you decide to accept our invitation, please revert to us with your acceptance and we will send a formal invitation to tour the city and the site of Synergy Phase I & II. You are invited to become part of history and a life changing event. Ms.Ann Marie Domm-Cornaglia Global Enterprise International Inc. President/Founder E-mail: <info@globalenterpriseinternational.net> Website: <www.globalenterpriseinternational.net> Skype ID: globalenterpriseinternational Ph: 1.970.236.6062 Mexico: 52+322.139.6445 GEI Your Global Business Partner CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This communication and any documents, files, or previous e-mail messages attached to it, constitute an electronic communication within the scope of the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, 18 USCA 2510. This communication may contain non-public, confidential, or legally privileged information intended for the sole use of the designated recipient(s)This is an unofficial response to your request for information and/or a private, proprietary and confidential communication and is for information purposes only. Sender is NOT a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or U.S. Investment Adviser.

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