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There is no need for the managerm to blast you out like thart over a $30 hat. Unfortunately- stores selling urban clothing have a very strict retun policies- because customers got so much game tryna getover. I would just be sure you want the item before you walk out the door with it. I rememvber in dever- Pener's -they seem to have ten folks eyeballin you from the time you hit the store-- I don't shop where i am treated as a potential crook.

I was a return costumer of harold peners until 02-5-2012. i purchased many of items in was satisfied. Until i purchased hat from the store on 63rd in troost inside the landing mall 2 days ago.i called the store in spoke with the manager in asked about the return policy in which worn or tagless items are nonrefundable in i understood but i asked the manager who's name was ROB if there was a posible exchange due to that hat not being worn in being a couple of days. AfTer catching two buses to harold peners rob met me @ the door got loud with me as he told me my hat was non resaleable embarrassing me with his loudness in which he could of told me politly that they could not take it back. Rob was very rude its sad the he's a manager respesenting such a big name and store i was very embarrassed in angry in will nevwe shop at harold peners again. thank you

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