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ATLANTA employee

Horrible Atlanta location stealing money from hardworking honest employees

Wonderful Company

I just love Frosty Treats trucks! The ice cream is delicious and I have always had such good service from the salemen and women! When you see the truck - stop them and see what I mean. There is such a great variety; I never know which to choose! Thanks for keeping the tradition of the 'Ice Cream Man' alive and well.

like i tell car dealer ships here in texas.if it dont look like its ready for the junk yard frosty treats dont want it.they spend more time fixing them then keeping them on the road.on some of the vans the tires are bald' better vans and up keep of the vans such as oil changes tune ups and going over the vans about every 60 days.would save the company money in the long run there more to safety then clown how about the vans being safe to drive

I worked for the Frosty Treats in Louisville KY and the lady I'm not going to name names here but she was very rude, and nasty but let me get to my point. I have worked in the ice cream industry before and I was appalled at the dirty conditions of the vehicles and the lack of maintenance on the vehicles. But the worse was disrespect lies and the blatant fraud due to racism. Not only was I paid a mere 20% but I brought in an associate of mine, who is White and she paid him double and fired me when she realized we knew each other. There is another company in the area that pays more without the lies so I am well aware of the standard for the area. To make matters worse she falsely accused me and others of fraud when it's convenient. If this is how she runs a company it's no surprise that the competition is dominating the market. After twenty years of success in business including three years in the ice cream business I can say with full certainty that this is an absolute failure. On the bright side for me and my other associates this lack of creates a fantastic opportunity to take over a market. Honestly when her only competition is a proud drug addict who's winning how much of hardship would it be to open our own company?

Your story was ralely informative, thanks!

Frosty Treats 901 chatahoochee ave Atlanta ,Ga is disgusting. The trucks are in very bad condition. They have rust on the outside. They are filthy on the inside. Bad management. They are not permitted to sell icecream.

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