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Agent giving out information to others and won't get me information on my insurance

Farm bureau agent has given my information to an ex girlfriend that is in his office. When I ask for an explanation if my coverage and exactly what I paying for I get no response

wrong policy

I got a quote for a 1million policy. When i sent the money in i received a 2 million policy. No appology. Didnt wont to meet with me to figure it out. Wouldnt return my calls. Now im trying to get my money back and they dont wont to give my membership monwy back. I will never try them again or recomend them.


I have had insurance and a loan for both business and personal for over a decade. During an accident of incurred physical injury and vandalized property, my needs were not met. The financial downturn coincided with these events and I was left to live off of my savings/retirement to the extent of no place to live and eating minimal amounts of food for 6 months until employment was gained after healing from the injury. On top of these circumstances a fancy law firm continued harassment in relation to property payments for a closed business and property forfeiture. Be very careful especially if a family member is on their employment roster...

Farm Bureau has been a big disappointment to me. I have been with the company for 10 years a storm with high winds and rain it my area. My shingles came off my house and I call them right away and to my disbelief the adjuster came out and immediately started talking about how my roof was made wrong. Daa!!! this is the same roof that your company approved for insurance. If it was an incorrectly made roof why would it would be insuffienct now. He also stated that it was not weather damaged although the shingles didn't start flying and the leak didn't start until yesterday when the storm hit it cause damage in my whole neighbor. Not sitting well in Ga.

Worst Insurance Company Ever

This company jacked my payment up so I had no choice but to make my payment on a friday and on Saturday got insurance with more coverage for a lot less with Liberty Mutual going into effect on Sunday. Monday I went in to cancel as of the day before showing my card I printed off the internet. Having renters insurance paid for four months and just paying them one hundred and sixty dollars on Friday which only used policy for 2 days. They refunded me forty something dollars. After years of being a customer. That is how they treat their clients. Stay Clear

20 years ago, a Farm Bureau agent sold my husband a life insurance policy to protect our family and also one for my daughter. He failed to disclose that the $45 annual Farm Bureau Membership would be applicable for the rest of our lives. Also, we never received the actual policies. When I contacted Farm Bureau, I was informed that I would have to pay $25 each ( $50) to have a copy of the policy mailed. Be careful. Very very careful.

I have had farm bureau for 2 years. My roof has a leak. They said they would send out their inspector, I told them I had not had a estimate. They said they go by what their man says not a estimate. He came out and it was fixed before he even went up on the roof. Came into my home and said he had to get up in my kitchen to check the ceiling. I showed him the ladder and he said no and grabbed one of my kitchen chairs. I would like to try that in his home. They just raised my rate, evidently they like collecting the money but will not pay out. They are a bunch of CROOKS.

If it was up to me, I would "NOT" give Farm Bureau a single star. This company raised my deductible up, THEN they cancelled my insurance renewal by saying my roof was bad and i have vicious dogs. I called them to make a report on my roof, they sent out a different agent who in turn said my roof was fine and denied my claim. They also hate to give you your money for repair claims and they accused us of having too many claims which were caused my nature. There is nothing in the contract that talks about having pets and they are indoor dogs and have never bitten anyone. PLUS, they do not like answering the phone and will take their time to respond to your call. Please note that I have been a faithful customer to this insurance for 8 long years. Talk about a let down. This company receives a negative 0 (zero) from me.

Farm Bureau is a joke. They don't communicate with you about your claim. They treat customers like shit. I will be changing insurance companies as soon as I settle my claim. I will not be treated like I am doing them a favor by being their customer. Very disatified customer!!!

Always the best content from these prodigious wiretrs.

Farm Bureau Insurance is very quick to take your money but they are the worst out there for paying claims made. BEWARE BEWARE!!!! DO NOT USE FARM BUREAU INSURANCE!!!!!

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