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I live next door to express mart #321, in Hamilton, NY. Over the years, my family has purchased thousands of dollars in gasoline from this store. Last year, the music that is played at the gas pumps became loud enough that it keeps my family awake at night. My wife went over and asked that it be turned down, three separate times, after 11:00 pm. The employee that what working, apologized, and turned the music down. A week or two later, it would be loud again. A few weeks ago, in June, at 4:30 am, after filling my car with gas, I asked the night manager to please turn down the music, because it woke my wife and son up. His reply was that the volume is set by "corporate," and there is nothing that he can do about it. Three days ago, my adult son asked the night manager to please turn down the music, because it is keeping he and his mother awake. My son was also told that the volume of the music at the pumps is set by "corporate." I spoke to our neighbor across the street from the store, and she is also disturbed by the music, and has complained, to no avail. There used to be signs on the pumps, that read, "respect our neighbors, please keep the noise down after 10:00 pm." These signs have been removed, for some reason. Would you please contact the store owner, and have them turn the music off, or to a very low volume, after 10:00 pm, nightly? I do not want to call the police and file a report, but that will be my next step. Thank you

Hello my name is Sandy and I am writing you in regards to one of your co-managers at the Horseheads store. Her name is Tabbatha and I would like to say that on a number of visits there she has shown to be a very polite and helpful individual. I am relaying this letter to you because also on a number of my visits to the store I have overheard the manager whose name is Liz talking quite nasty about her to her husband that comes by the store on a regular basis. the manager is always outside smoking cigarettes while customers are in long lines waiting to be checked out and when she is checking customers out she is very rude and rushing them as well as myself. I am very concerned also because I have overheard Liz the manager using racial words and I feel as a manager this is very unprofessional and i feel this matter should be looked into.

Hello, I 'm expressing my complaints to you regarding my visits to a particular one of your stores in Florida. The store is located in Sanford, Florida at 4001 Bedford Road Sanford, Florida 32773. Every time I go and visit this particular store the clerk seems to have a problem with me visiting this store. The first time I visit he was rushing me out of the store, the second time I visit he had a problem ringing up my items, and the third time he could not process my items on my Bank Card I had to use cash, And the fourth time he took over 15 minutes to process on my Bank Card. By this time the line was very long. There was another gentleman or clerk that could help with getting the line removed but instead they both had me waiting for a long time. Then they Re did all my items making me feel like I did not have money in my bank account. I really did not like this and I feel like you should have someone at the register that know how to operate the cash register. I don't know what it is but everytime I go to this store there seems to be a problem. And, the problem seems to be with the older gentleman, I feel that he do not like me using my Bank Card, but, I do not carry cash. I use my card because I'm a single mother and I feel safer using my Bank Card. And, in the end the younger gentleman ask me personal questions about my Bank Card and I don't know why?

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