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Pathetic Customer Service

Unlike Transunion and Equifax, Experian is the most customer/user unfriendly company I have ever experienced. To say they are arrogant is an understatement. In a dispute, they simply love to tell you they only report what the creditor submits to them and to contact the creditor. When the creditor is contacted, they tell you it is definitely Experian. Too many times the latter is true. Experian actually enjoys playing "hard-ball"!

Reply To 6/15/2012

Experian (CRA)'s website is not user-friendly. The 04/15/2012 poster provided information that is very important and contained elements that were so true. It is a trial to navigate. Another poster discussed telephone customer service. All I can say to that is WOW! Unbelievable! The lowest option is "1." This site needs a "0," option to reflect the correct rating.

Why do these credit reporting agencies make it impossible for consumers to dispute reports by companies that themselves have a low score from consumers...birds of a feather, I guess...Experian makes it impossible to record a consumer dispute against erroneous data.....website very unfriendly.

Thay are awful just a pain.

I have spent countless hours trying to get Experian to unlock a "credit report control lock" that I have not even put on. I have also been put on hold, hung up on, and this is holding up a mortgage application I am in desperate need of. I cannot believe this company exists with all the many millions of complaints. In a world where people are desperate for real jobs, making the job market run by employers, they are hiring incompetent people or are training them to simply avoid answering normal questions, allowing a consumer to speak to ANYONE in authority, or treat consumers with respect. This is an awful company, preventing me from getting my credit report to finance a house I may lose. What horrible people.

I feel so much happier now I unerdsantd all this. Thanks!

In the last two years Experian has picked up bad credit issues from someone with the same name as mine, but with different SS# and date of birth and assigned them to my credit. I managed to get one fixed and then another shows up. The last one being a tax lien for 5 grand. When you finally reach them ( no small feat in itself) and talk to a customer non service person they are little of any help. The last person at Experian told me that they have agents that pick up the information and give it to them. When I asked why they do not cross reference with SS numbers or DOB she had no idea. When I asked if I could contact the division or vendor that was assigning this credit to me she told me that would be impossible. I asked what could I do and she said nothing, but if it happened again to appeal it. Guess what it happened again and again and again. None of the other reporting agencies have reported false information, just Experain. They have no clue what this type of false and irresponsible reporting does to your credit record, and could care less. All they want is to try and sell you a credit report that is bogus in the first place. Scam

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Why do consumers blame companies like Experian for mistakes blatantly made by YOU the consmer? Why is it Experian's fault that you do not read what you sign up for? Why is it Experian's fault that you do not know how to navigate a website? Why is it Experian's fault that information appears incorrect on your reports? The fact is that none of these issues are the fault of Experian. Whenever any website asks for my credit card, I sure as heck expect to be charged for something at some point. Experian CLEARLY and DELIBERATELY says that you are signing up for 7, 10 and 30 Trials. That is FREE! Your report and or scores are FREE depending on what membership you sign up for. When you click on an optional transaction that CLEARLY says right beneath it $31.95 will be charged to your card, it's not FREE. The trials are free and the scores and reports are free. The memberships have great tools that help you understand and work on your credit reports and scores. That costs something and Exerian has a right to make a profit like any other company. The problem with America is that we have forgotten how to read and we blame our ignorance on someone else. READ people, READ. Next, if you are a rookie internet browser, maybe you should not be using the website to purchase things. When you put your credit card in to sign up, did you think that was to validate your identity? Hello??? It's because they are trying to sell you products and services that will benefit you by building your reports and scores. And yes, the products work. In the past two months, I raised my score 23 points just by paying down on my outstanding debt. Thank you Experian for showing me how to make this happen. Lastly and certainly not least, Experian is not responsible for the information that appears on your reports. It is the responsibility of your creditors and lendors who report to the 3 major Bureaus that screw that up. The Bureaus strictly monitor your data, they cannot change your information unless you give them authorization to do so. Stop pointing fingers and blaming outstanding companies like Experian for your ignorance. Afterall, Experian must be doing something well, they own a 70% market share in the credit reporting business. I am sure the competitors would love to be as successful as Experian!

Where is the 0 rating option? Over 5,100 Better Business Bureau claims have been filed under the name "FreeCreditReport.com". Experian is running this same scam under several other domain names: Experian.com Scoresense.com, FreeScore360.com, CheckYourCredit.us, CreditReportCenter.us, CreditScoreCenter.us, CreditScoreOK.net, CreditScoreTracker.net, TripleScores.us, YourCreditScores.co, FS360.co, FreeCreditScore.com, FreeScore.com, FreeTripleScore.com, ProtectMyID.com, CIC TripleAdvantage, etc. They have started over 200 domain names, some that are deliberate miss-spellings of AnnualCreditReport.com. Many of these domains have hundreds of BBB claims as well. Here is why it's a scam... In 2004, Congress mandated the 3 major credit bureaus - Experian, Equifax and TransUnion to create a public website to allow consumers to order their credit reports online for free, once per year. They did, it's called, "AnnualCreditReport.com". Not long after, Experian launched FreeCreditReport.com and it's other credit monitoring sites. These sites all use the same miss-leading strategy. Here is the strategy: 1. Users goes to their site looking for a "Free Credit Report". 2. To access their report, the user must enter their information, ssn, first name, last name, email, former addresses, etc 3. The site now informs you that they need your credit card information for a $1 "Instant" credit report. 4. Using your credit card and identification information, they create an account to their "Credit Monitoring" services. *Note: The credit monitoring service costs ~ $15/month, which you are automatically signed up for unless you call and cancel within 7 days. Most people don't realize they just signed themselves up for this because it is hidden in the small print of the "Terms of Service". 5. Once your identity is verified. A button that says "Display your Credit Reports" is displayed. 6. The user clicks this button because naturally they think this is the last step to finally seeing the credit report. *Note: What they don't realize is that, by clicking that button, they just cost them an additional $15. Here is Experian's explanation when you call them, "It's $1 to see the Experian report, but an additional $15 to see the other 2 reports, Since you've already seen the reports, we cannot refund that fee". What Experian is doing is immoral and misleading. They fail to adequately disclose negative option enrollment. They have extremely deceptive advertising, a misleading domain name and they fail to honor cancellations.

I was recently charged for a credit report that I never asked for. I have notified my bank. Now I know that I should not even request a free (annual) report from Experion. LIVE AND LEARN.. I have read the volumes of negative reports about this company submitted to the FTC. BUYER BEWARE

I recently had a checking debit for a credit check that I never requested. I will handle the matter and know that I should not even request a free (annual) report from your company. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! I THINK SOMEONE SHOULD BE CHECKING THEIR CREDIT

on a scale of 1 to 100 I give your excuse for a company a -100. It appears that your web site was deliberately designed to be as difficult as possible to use. I rate it as the worse web site on the web. It has no redeeming features. Your customer service by phone will take 25 minutes to get a live agent and the process will put you on your way to an ulcer. Why doe the ICC, the FTC and the U.S. treasury dept allow Experian to exist as, of all things, a credit reporting business,which sends reports that contain many errors and harm citizens. CLOSE IT DOWN, IT'S WORTHLESS AND CAUSES GREAT DAMAGE.

What does Experian have to hide? Why is there absolutely NO way to contact them other than via web site - and if you don't have a "report number," you can't even do that...even tho you got one of those 3-in-1 reports as advertised, and there is a major error in it. Experian should be SHUT DOWN. At least TransUnion and Equifax afford consumers the opportunity of reaching them by US mail, in writing - which also allows one to attach documentation to disputed issue reports.

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