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last month i made an application for a car. Your Co., lowered my credit score by 50 points. What is the deal? I believe these actions violate the Fair Credit Report Act and my Rights.

They do everything possibe to avoid talking to you.

Have been working for months to get my credit report corrected. Other 2 major credit companies show no problems. Equifax web assistance and phone assistance are jokes. They go in circles. Now trying to get confirmation that they have actually removed 3 erroneous names from my report. They say they have, but have said so before. I need to see the report to know that they have actually made the corrections that they have said they made. Just love that this review system does not recognize their name!

I also got the run around on their automated phone #s. Had to wait 20-30 mins to finally get someone in Aisa. They are out-sourcing their customer service and that sucks.

I feel as though I am lost in the twilight zone when dealing with this company. I am a victim of identity theft and everytime I attempt to SPEAK with an actual person on the phone, it is impossible. The numbers you are given are for automated lines - and then if I google and get a number via blogs and , by some stroke of luck, get an operator- I get cut off. SOOOOO FRUSTRATING. It feels as if they operate for the benefit of the criminals.

fish head

Tried to apply for a loan, the bank said my credit score was to low for them to consider. So I asked what the score was and what they told me was lower than eight months ago with everything clear on my credit!!! SO I went on line and bought there program to check my credit myself..... and what do you know it was over 100 points higher than what the bank said..... are they lying to me OR the bank???? If there lying why should the banks believe them either. WHAT A JOKE>>>>


legal action will be filed....Arrogance is beyond belief!!! Get one report from Equifax, check again in 90 days / information is completely different to the earlier report. Supervisors are completely Ignorant and unable to help in any way.

Report Fix

I've been trying for 3 years to fix an express credit card 30 day no payment mistake they have made. Express gave me a letter saying it was a mistake and I gave it to Equifax at least 7 timed and they yet to remove it form my report. Express said they gave it to them too.


They block my report against my wishes and 3 months later its still blockd.I paid twice to have the freeze removed but they still keep blocking my report I am going Monday morning to sue Equifax in the small claims court and paralel I am filing a big law suit for pain and suffering for $25,000,000

This credit agency is a joke again & again there are problems but like always Equifax is retarded!! How could the govt get involved to fund these companies to fix this issue were worried about everything else that's irrelevant AMERICA is the joke people wake up!!!!!

they suck

they are the worst company so lacking in professionalism and incompetent they have no sense of business ethics and are a confused bunch

ditto all the above comments. can't for the life of me figure out how a company as hard to deal with as equifax can stay in business. also, don't appreciate having to talk with someone in mumbai or manila or some other city on the other side of the world and having to give my ssn just to talk with them.

They sell our email account information

Our family had 3 equifax accounts that were registered specifically to email accounts set up only for equifax correspondence. For a few years there were no problems but now they generate hundreds of spam messages a day each. The accounts are never used - they merely forward any mail they get to our "real" email ... so there is no possibility that our computers were hacked or a virus harvested the information simply because that email information isn't on our computers. Thanks Equifax, I hope someone crashes a plane into your HQ building.


Equifax is an absolute disaster to work with, and for a company having so much power they do nothing to help you nor do their employees care about how crucial and dire your circumstances can be..I.e. holding up a loan, dealing with incorrect information, etc. Something has to be done about the serious ineptitude and lack of empathy when helping people with legitimate concerns. The other two bureaus are amazing and helpful, actual Americans on the phone.

he Worst Customer Service

It took 45 minutes, of speaking to 6 customer service reps who did not speak English, asking the same questions each time and still do not have a simple answer to my question. "How do I unfreeze my reports?" Total idiots.

I canceled their useless product 2 years ago. Before I canceled, I requested a block of my credit report be removed. I was assured it was unblocked. I have been trying to get a SBA loan to rebuild my house from Super Storm Sandy. The only credit reporting agency used by the SBA is Equifax. They told me they couldn't get my report because it was blocked. I called Equifax, and spoke to 'Kevin' in India. He said I would have to purchase the product again to get the block removed. I did, and it wasn't. Call again, and was totally assured the block was removed. Long story short - it still wasn't and I had to withdraw my SBA disaster loan. Finally SBA used another credit reporting agency and I got the loan started again. Equifax says anything you want to hear, yet doesn't actually do what they say they will do. They are beyond useless, they are damaging.


I have tried to find a direct phone number for Equifax to complain about my credit report errors filed, and or records disclosed that should have been removed, being over 10 years. I will be contracting an Attorney to have this matter legally addressed.

I have been dealing with an issue for 3 months and each time I'm told it's resolved. IT IS NOT. Today I was told I needed to wait 7 to 10 days. My reply "are you stupid, 3 months is alot longer than 7 to 10 days". I get 10 to 13 emails exactly the same address to a person that does not live at my home but apparently at some point put in my email address. For whatever reason EQUIFAX has been incompetent and cannot fix the issue. I WANT IT STOPPED NOW. I AM WRITING TO THE CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE TO COMPLAIN SINCE NO ONE AT EQUIFAX WILL CORRECT THE PROBLEM. Today I demanded to speak to the dept. that could fix the problem. Supervisor Alex Brice stated "there is no such dept". I said "there's no one that can fix the problem?" to which he replied there is no one I can transfer you to you just have to wait 7 to 10 days". He says that because he can't find any record of my email address they can't do anything to help me. This is now harassment as the emails continue and I will be filing formal complaints and/or civil action if I have to to make it stop. Maybe when Equifax has to pay some attorney to come to my little town in now where land they'll find a way to fix it.

I see many people are having similar issues as me. 3 years ago 3 fraudulent charges appeared on credit report and I have been fighting them ever since. I have filed over four dozen complaints including supporting documentation to the three credit reporting agencies and the responses I keep getting, they are investigating my claim to there is not enough evidence to remove these charges from my credit report to this one which I find humorous, it is my debt because it is my SSN, no kidding that is why these charges are out there. I have spent over $10K fighting these charges, not including my time and I am not any closer today getting the three credit bureaus to fix my credit report then when we first started. Therefore in June of 2012 I told my attorney I am too tired to fight this anymore and I am going to pay off the 3 creditors to just get these off my credit report, he advised me not to, but totally understood my frustration. As of today September 26, 2012 these charges still appear on my report, even though I have documents indicating they are all paid in full. The fight I thought was over continues. Our government loves to step into areas they do not belong like sports, I do not understand why they sit back and watch thousands of Americans get screwed by credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions along with these three credit bureaus. Something needs to change. Everyone I feel your pain...

Equifax is a bunch of crap...I called them about some fradulent things on my account. They did an investigation and it revealed I was responsible supposedly. Equifax did a horrible job because when I called one of the merchants who put default on my account they saw it was a mistake and said they would fix it. They said equifax never called them to follow up with the claim. They said that was their first time hearing about this

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