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that companies sluhod never get beyond 350 employees and if they do they sluhod be decentralized in some way, with some umbrella entity overseeing coordination between the two. As I read this, I thought about the stores like MOMs and the recent new store opening. I worked for a company that kept growing and growing and the culture went out the window once we got to a certain size. We were completely beholden to the shareholders and anything that didn't improve the bottom line was cut. I never want to see a store like MOMs become that way. The employees really seem to like their work and I love shopping a small store with a respectable set of ideals.

Havanna grows 60% of its food within city limtis.Just food for thought!And not just verticle farms, but how about housing? I'm sure people living in shitty tenements and public housing would rather an apartment in a retrofitted Manhattan skyscraper to call home. Skyscrapers were built to conserve space in dense urban areas, but zoning laws mean mixed use structures are scarcer than they should be. Mixed-use buildings are much more sustainable and easier to use.

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