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Is there anyway to reach a live person my credit card was stolen and used for this site, hello

False canceling

I don't appreciate the subscription to be activated automatically a year after canceling. No one will call me back, no one will respond to my emails...It's indeed a rip off.

Bad Judgement

You expect me to pay you as a professionally managed company for your services. Your T-M Thanksgiving free was a generous offer. WHY was that offer being advertised at 6 am Dec 2, 2015 on a Major network???


I think the commercial with your granddaughter is poor judgement. It gives an air of pedophilia to everyone I know that has seen it. A little girl talking about grown up relationships. I guess grandpa couldn't make a healthy decision but thinks his website can.

Your service

I have found monthly charges on my Chase AARP Credit card by you. I have not authorized such charges, I am receiving no services. I am not going to get discouraged and go away!! I want a full refund of all unwarranted charges and I want to be taken off your membership list!

Commercial with the child

This child is way too young to be discussing let alone being talk to about a dating site are you stupid get her off of it

worse dating site ever!!

Do not sign up for eharmony!! Run!! it is the worse dating website! Period!! Been on there for not even a month and all of the matches are repeats from the first 2 weeks! Called them 3 times within the past 2 weeks to correct this! Looked at matches again today and they are all the same repeats! I have it set for a 30 mile diameter and receiving matches from 2 hrs away in other states!! If after reading all the negative reviews, you still want to sign up, go ahead and waste your time and your money. Your an idiot..

I have asked them to stop emailing me and they won't stop. I have tried to unsubscribe and they won't let me. I have NOT sent them any money and will NOT send them any money.

concerning the way I was treated

I called several times requesting a refund. I never gave the company permission to store the information of my credit card with their company. I did not give them permission to use my card. Orginally I signed up for three months over the phone. I was told if I wanted to renew it I could call back in three months. Never expected them to charge my account behind my back. I have been told I have to put into writing to get the refund, and they claim they will review and it will take time. This is dishonest.

My wife and I joined eHarmony 6 years ago and were married this past April. We experienced a lot of trial and error relationships prior. eHarmony is the real deal!

Sending an email to me for free trial offers and spending a long time answering ask your questions only to find out the only way to communicate with them is sending you money.. Is false advertising and terrible marketing..

This site is a rip off. They promise matches, but never deliver and when they do match you it is with someone 5 states away. I'm extremely disappointed in their service.

I joined Eharmony for a 3 month trial. It's not user friendly and have not enjoyed my experience. I want to stop my service. I have sent two emails to cancel, but no response in two weeks. I don't want to pay for the whole 3 months, but I will just be done with this service.

I do not like this company period! First of all I never contacted them in any way shape or form, neither directly or indirectly. They constantly send email notifications about dating or meeting single people! I am married for 25 years and this has aroused suspicion from my spouse at first. Of course, she realizes it's advertisement, but it is annoying and unwanted never the less. I have contacted E harmony a few times and requested they take me off their email list, unfortunately this request is constantly ignored!

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