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Duncan SC Distribution has appalling working conditions and policies. Seven days ten hours a day,no days off. Restrooms unsanitary and when it's 90deg outside,it must be 110 inside. Worst job I ever had. On the bright side however,things get better with major management overhauls{hint,hint}

Unfair Work

My fiance works for the Duncan distributions warehouse. He was out 2 days in December due to major oral surgery, he had a doctors note which put him out of work. Hugh Bridweill wrote my fiance up due to being out those two days. The company does not offer any sick time. Horrible company to work for. This company also does not care for family life, they act as though the only life is EATON life.

i work for eaton in marshall mi for aug 1999 threw dec 2006.i need a peace of papper that state when my last date was work threw eaton in marshall after the closed the plant down.you can eamil at thuged_scooby@yahoo.com thanks.

Dear Eaton CEO, As you can see your Company promotes EEO/M/V/H, but does not practice this Labor Law. I am appalled to be unemployed within the US, having a Degree, being Veteran, being Minority, Bilingual with countless Awards and Certifications to have to be rejected as a candidate by the "johnny-come-lately" in your HR department. This is NOT the first time and it seems what Eaton Corporation has to do to STOP this continue brain drain of qualifiefied applicants being repeatedly rejected for employment is to fire the whole department and start over. Or you can be honest and remove the EEO/V/M/H from your HR guidelines and NOT appear to be, for Federal funding purposes. Sorry to have to tell you and the world of my experience as a; Degreed, Veteran, Bilingual, honest, decent, moral applicant refused employment by your inept HR personnel. Sincerely, Customer looking Not to buy your Products.

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