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Could care less attitude!!!

I made a copy of my transaction with the so called eastbay online help and got no where! I paid my money on time I even wrote an email but the only bs excuse was so sorry for the inconvenience? Well here's my copied transaction you decide if you would ever do business with them, I know I never will again!!!

unhappy with Eastbay service

To whom it may concern. I'm very unhappy with Eastbay service! I spent a lot of money within a year and a half with East Bay. I waited 2 1/2 weeks for pair sneakers very patiently. When I first did the order for the retro 1 sneakers or use a credit card with a very limited amount of money on it. When I found out the sneakers was on backorder, so I asked customer service if I can switch out credit cards and they said it was not possible. Today the sneakers came off backorder and And I called customer service to change the credit card and they said they're no Sneakers longer available! I felt like I got the runaround from the your customer service department. I don't think I ever do business with you Again!

On Thursday, I ordered merchandise for my son who was leaving on trip on Sunday! I used overnight delivery and paid over $35.00 to have the clothes delivered in time. I received an EMAIL from Eastbay on Friday saying his stuff would arrive on Monday! I order online almost every day, if I pay overnight shipping costs I receive my stuff overnight from every other merchant! I sent an email explaining my situation and asked for a shipping refund because I am receiveing my stuff NOT ONE NIGHT BUT FOUR NIGHTS LATER! I received a rude response back and I will never ever shop on your sight again, it's false advertising and it's UNFAIR! Next stop will be YELP!

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