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To the rescue!!!

We stayed at the Drury Inn in Festus, Mo. We originally had rooms booked at Super 8 in Pevely, Mo. When we showed up they had no room for us... They took our money and had our confirmation number but yet they didn't have a room. So we drove to Festus and walked in from the moment I told Margie(G.M.) what happened she was more than accommodating. Sandy, Scarlett and Megan also helped to make or stay awesome and even though we have family there we will definitely be staying there more often!

horrible customer service

This was our third year and last time after the disrespect and stalking of us from the minute we stepped out of our vehicle new years eve from the GM.I will not stay here and neither our friends ever again.Room 301


Horrible, I was treated like a criminal and my daughters property should have been returned to us. I know for a fact that the housekeeping staff stole her beeps. No one is doing anything about it. They know who has her beeps, I want them back.

I have stayed at 5 different Drury Hotels over several years and I have not once had a bad experience, I have stayed in Ohio as well as Missouri and Illinois.

We have stayed at the Drury Inn in Paducah Ky. the last 14years,and have always looked forward to the visit. This year (29 Dec. 2013) we were extremely disappointed in the new mattresses. They were very lumpy and basically uncomfortable. Consequently on our return trip we switched to the Hampton Inn just down the road

Terrible Night at Drury Inn

Spent the night of June21 at Drury Inn Union Station St. Louis Mo. fire alarms went off 5 times due to swimming pool over heating.. really?? No sleep for two adults and 3 children.. how do I get a refund?

Great service in Jackson, MS

Stayed recently at the Inn, 610 E County Rd near Jackson, MS. Left my orthopedic neck pillow- called Ashley/Linda in housekeeping and received my pillow in the mail 2 days later! Thanks, greatly appreciated -


I see a lot of discrimation in the company as an insider!! I see only one black person in the front desk one black in kitchen and one black manager as housekeeping!! We are not segregated anymore get more blacks to even out the atmosphere!! None of the front desk managers are black so I see a big problem!! Also I wish that Chuck would come to the corporate location and talk to each team member one on one to solve this problem on behind the scenes when guest are not looking!!

Best Drury EVER!

I am on the road around 25 days a month. I have had the pleasure of staying at 7 different Drury's in the past 2 months. They have all been very nice. I love the comfortable beds, the happy hour and the staff at each one. BUT, one Drury in particular, the one at 32nd and Umiversity in Phoenix gets 5+ stars from me and my family! This hotel is so consistent in everything! Right down to the way they fill the shower gel in every room! In addition, the staff at this hotel are, by FAR, the most pleasant and helpful and welcoming I have ever seen. Kudos to this hotel for making this weary traveller feel "at home!"

Drury Inn Birmingham S.W.

The staff at this Hotel is above and beyond great. They deserve a Corporate Award. From Check In to Check out, everything was super. 5 stars

I stayed at your Drury Inn in Evansville IN on 09/14/12. When I checked in I told the desk clerk that I MAY stay for two nights but I would decide on that the next day. I stayed Friday night on 09/14 checking out on 09/15/12 around 9am. As I was leaving I informed the clerk of my name and that I was checking and I left the key in the room. He gave me the thumbs up and I proceeded to leave. On Monday, I checked my account balance and noticed that I was charged for two nights. I called the front desk and disputed this and she said she would get back with me. Well she never did. I contacted my bank and disputed the charge. I received letter from my bank stating that the company refunded my money on 10/8 only to have your company bill me again on 10/16. I have not stayed at any hotel since 9/14 and I will be darned if I am paying for a night when I did not stay. I want my $114.99 refunded and I guarantee you will never receive my patronage again.

My wife & I just completed our second stay at Drury I&S, The Woodlands, TX. Our first stay (in July) convinced my wife and I that there was no better place to stay & indeed the latest experience proved it. The rooms are incredibly quiet and immaculate and the beds are quite comfortable. The welcoming hospitality beverages & and breakfast are of course, "icing on the cake" but I must say that the best thing that you have going for you is your entire employee staff. Everyone...housekeepers, maintenance workers, food preparers & servers and of course the desk clerks could serve as role models for any hotel. They not only do their work well; they appear to enjoy it. Without exception they are all friendly and helpful and hospitable. I have never critiqued a hotel before, but I couldn't let this opportunity pass. I have previously stayed at many other hotels of course and even a Drury in other areas but none so memorably pleasant as Drury, The Woodlands, TX. Special kudos are due Megan who even left us a departing personal note of thanks for choosing that hotel for our stay. WE WILL RETURN.

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The rooms were clean and great but the service by a woman named Noma or something at the front desk in Hayti will make me never stay there again.

I find Drury Hotels to be an exceptional place to stay. My wife is a manager at our local Drury Inn and they work their butts off and bend over backwards to satisfy guests. I am not saying that any of your experiences are not true but for every one bad experience at Drury Hotels there are probably several thousand good ones. Truth is that the experience at the hotel comes down to good or bad management and I know that these incidents would never had happened at our local Drury. In addition we have stayed at many Drury Hotels across the country and received nothing but great service and spotless rooms. If we had gotten anything less we would be the first to complain. Because she works there she holds every hotel we stay at to the same standard she holds herself to. The problem with websites like this is that people only want to leave comments about bad experiences and forget to leave praise on the good ones. As of right now there is one person that took the time to to compliment his good stay. I think if you want a real review of Drury hotels you should read up on some on the Trip Advisor website.

A manager check me into a room and it was dirty the staff was not helpful, they asked me did I want to go some where else, very awful experience. I would say go to the Hilton

Recently I stayed at the Drury Inn in Collinsville, Illinois. First of all, it was a wonderful stay, both the facility and the staff. Unfortunately,(veteran traveler that I am), when departing the next morning, I managed to leave behind a clasp pouch containing a partially completed manuscript. I called the hotel; they found the pouch; and they sent it to me WITHOUT CHARGE! WOW! THANK YOU DRURY - see you again next time!

My anniversary ring was stolen at the Drury Plaza Riverwalk. Stolen on Sunday and pawned on Monday. I was told, " our maid did not take your ring." Perhaps you should consider in-room safes, "do not disturb signs" and a more thorough screen process for new hires. Anyway, thanks to the wonderful SAPD, I now have my ring back.

I recently fell at your hotel, in December, while I was taking care of a health client from Wexford at the location 7900 N Tiffany Springs Parkway here it the information on the accident: 12/27/2010 I fell on ice at the Drury Hotel entry located at 7900 Tiffany Springs Parkway on December 27, 2010 at 1:30 pm I informed Mr. Alec Blome at the Drury Hotel about falling at the hotel entry at 1:30 pm, hitting my left hand and left knee because there was ice on the sidewalk. I was going out to my car to get my paper work. After that I returned to room 120 where a Focus health client I was attending to was residing. Upon looking at my left knee I noticed that it was bleeding. I returned to my car to retrieve a band-aid. I then called Focus at 1:47 pm to inform them of the fall. Cheryl Michael returned my call at 2:10 pm; to inform me that I should have told the hotel of the incident, I informed her that I had already informed the hotel of what had happened. Cheryl also told me she was e-mailing me the ‘report of injury form’ for me to fill out and fax it back. Mr. Blome did go out and place some ice melt at the point of my fall as to prevent any other clients from falling. They keep telling me I was taking a break, when I have to have the papers for the health client to sign for me to get paid.

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