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we recently went to the border cafe in Newark Delaware and I have to say the service was awful. My husband and I go once a week and this particular week was our third time we decided to take our nephew in for his graduation we called ahead to make reservations we were told we didn't need to make a reservation to come on in there was no wait we get there and the hostess informs us there will be a half hour wait she continues to seat tables of three and four in front of us. I wait about 15 minutes and ask her again and she said it would still be another half hour wait so we decided to leave. I call to speak with a manager the next day he did not ask me for any information he did not ask me for my name my phone number nothing he just said he would look into it. We will never go back.

To Whom It May Concern, Two weeks ago I along with my two sons, went to the Saugus Ma restaurant for dinner. I frequent this restaurant, since it is close to my home-and has always been delicious, with excellent service. After a long day of work, I was in the mood for your infamous magarita's. I am not a drinker, and was looking forwarf to a nice drink. The waitress brought my drink over, and as she left after sipping it, I noticed it had no alcohol in it at all. When she returned, I asked her if it was a "virgin", she shook her shoulders and said she didn't think so-So I asked her to please have the bartender make me a new drink. Next thing I know I noticed the manager pouring alcohol into my drink, instead of making me a new drink as requested. The manager came over and said "Here we go Miss, here's your drink-you asked for more alcohol right?"" First of all, I did not ask for more alcohol, I asked for a regular drink-They brought me a virgin drink. Secondly, thay spoke to me as if I was a drinker, degrading me in front of my 8year old son, as if I'm some sort of alcoholic. i just feel I was spoken down to, and greatly disrespected by your management. As I stated earlier, I frequent this restaurant, and can not believe the way I was treated. I feel management needs to step up there game! Thank you Christine P.

To whom this may concern, I was in border cafe on churchmans road in Delaware on monday August 30th around 12:00pm on my lunch break. I am a regular customer but my last viset makes me never want to come back. I was meeting a co worker for lunch and he doesnt eat mexican food so he wanted to order chicken fingers you do not offer chicken fingers no the adult menu only on the kids menu so he asked the waiter if he can get two orders of chicken figers off the kids menu. The waiter told him no he cannot do that. I asked to speak to a manager and he came over and was very rude to me and told me he was not able to order off the kids menu. I even said i dont have a problem paying for the drink he just wants chicken figers and he said rudly that he wouldnt let him even after i said that we would have to leave and go somewhere elce because he has to eat lunch on a short time spand. I was very upset about this situation and i would like the manger to be spoken to and have some compensation for this. Please get back to me about this issue. Thank you Rebecca Kyle

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