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Adjunct Graduate Faculty. - Wayne State University

I am professionally offended by you repeated showing of the Mermaids shows without clear proper delineations that these were fictional shows. You have prostituted your Network's reputation for sponsor profits! When the general viewing public is offered 'junk science' in the disguised format of such presentations; the entire scientific community suffers. Is this the legacy of the Kaplan tenure with your Network? I along with many of your past viewers will think more carefully about watching your Network programs. This is not a TV version of 'war of the worlds' radio show. Your Network owes the American public a well-publicized apology and re-evaluation of your ethics

So what Fredmans saying is when a job takes wings and flies away ovsaeers it's good for me because it drives down prices ? What happens if that's my job and I cant actually buy anything from xyz parasite corp ? Like if they can find a weirder looking more ugly and dark clone of fredman with more nervous twitches to write in his place at the NY Times ? I mean I would not have to pay $5 for the Sunday rag called NY Times then


after watching a show on comcast called yukon gold or something like that,and seeing several wolves being shot for no good reason, other than that those testosterone laden idiots proving what no-class human beasts live on this globe that have nothing to do but go around and kill and shoot whatever moves,just to prove who the dangerous animals on this earth really are ,and it's not the animals. the discovery channel should fold up for filming and showing these despicable films. comcast has a lot of nerve to carry the discovery channel for the garbage it puts out.it's despicable!let me quote an australian retired game wardens words who was fed up with so called humans like the above mentioned,he said GOD made a mistake when he made the human race.he was right!!

I had purchased your Adventure Play Tent for my grandson. It was a Christmas gift. We kept the tent at our house so when they visit they can play with the tent. Since they have not come home I decided to take the tent to them next visit. Upon opening the tent ( my grandson was excited to say the least) we went to install the tent rods and the plastic coupling broke. Is it possible to get the better rods? I know there was a improvement of the rod because you would not put that kind of product in the market. Long story short I need the plastic clips (connections) for the rods or two new rods. Send Clips to. Bill Bennett 9626 Monteray Drive Plain City Ohio 43064 If Rods send to Master Aidan Thomas Cunningham Bennett 1363 Cedar Avenue Annapolis, Md 21403 Thank you for your consideration.

HELP Dear Sir, (Media Planning Managers) My name is Captain r Shamaila Zareen, I got Nursing Training from Pakistan Army for a period of four and a half years and served the Pakistan Army for 14-years with honour of Gold medal. After marriage I shifted to kuwait with my husband. There, in Kuwait I passed a competition Exam and got Kuwait Nursing License then Iworked about 8-years in very advanced Hospitals of Kuwait and with very senior Doctors. I also had done 3-years Diploma Course in Homeo Pathic in Pakistan. but could not practice Homeo Pathic in Kuwait as it was not allowed to practice it there. I studied of ancient and modern books Tibb (Hikmat) and done lots of experiments on natural Herbs with the consultations of very senior Tibb masters and experts.Ultimately, after continuous research of 6-years I got successful of finding out and making a natural Herbs Medicine which can remove unwanted hair of any parts of the body permanently and Forever without any side effects of this treatment.First of all I applied it on myself then on my friends, some relatives. Then I, introduced it on a privateT.V Channel(indus)in Karachi and it passed and approved by Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research. I am writing this email because I want to treat those children whose are in My Shocking Story ( Real Wolf Kids ) With the spirit of humanity all over the world, i would like to treat these children so that they can also become normal and happy members of thier society and the world and thier families can be consoled from thier sickness. I humbly request you to please help me let me know can i approach them them so that I can treat these children. Capt. r Shamaila Zareen Cell 092-333-8766856 092-302-4000982

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