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Easy to do business with. Professional

excellent customer service

I have gone to a number of Discount tire locations in Colorado Springs , Thornton and Brighton, CO. I have always received excellent customer service at all the Discount stores I have been too. I'm a 74 year old lady and have had my tires for 4 years and have never been told I need new tires so I trust what they tell me. All of my family now buy their tires from Discount.


Some person decided that doing away with the stickers that go on the windshield is a dumb ***! If corp. was the one who decide that this was a good idea, they are wrong. This move is the only reason that we will be changing our new tire supplier. The local store was trying to make amends but to no avail. My money will spend anywhere. This will give me time to find some place that does provide stickers. We bought tires from discount even though they were $40.00 more to keep our tires under one umbrella.

Screws/values etc

I took our car in to get balanced today at the Loop 250 store in midland, TX. As I walked around the building & throughout the parking lot I noticed there were a lot of small objects that could cause tires to go flat quicker. I saw screws, value stems, bolts, etc. in front of the bays, on both sides and in the back of the building where cars/trucks are parked. People do not have time to waste in their day to have tires repaired or damaged especial a new set of tires. This could also cause people to lose their life as well in an accident. This store needs to clear up the surround outside of building.

Review and Print your quote

Disappointing experience at Discount tire in Lufkin Tx I have purchased tires with discount tires many years for personal and the company I work for I ask for rotation and the sales person recommended two new tires gave me the estimate going over the amount and options road hazard and life spin so on a total of 434.69 I ask if Any discounts apply he said 428.20 is the best price on the two Bridgestone tires I was short on the amount and I had to go to my Bank to make draw payment I will return to get the tires with in a hour . Sorry with out getting the printed quote ! On my return to my surprise I paid him cash, to be different amount and no road hazard warranty different total amount of the first agreed amount with all the confusion paid 487.63 to get out alive Four hundred in Cash and 85.37 plastic . I feel like a agreement Quote verbally should be a hand shake It was a disappointing experience and felt partly token from the transaction Upon returning home found factory lug nuts damaged


Discount tire San Antonio,TX Vance Jackson & 410..TRUE TIRE PROFESSIONALS,Honest ,Hardworking,Reliable. Thank you,Aaron Lurati and the professional staff.

Debit card scam

Bought tire at a Discount in Houston on FM 1960 and used my debit card to pay. Someone from that company stole my debit card info and started using my account at various stores in California. Definitely an inside scam going on there.

ripped off by manager buying 4 tires

I got a quote from the manager at the office on Boulder Highway and Russell Road in Las Vegas for Bridgestone tires 4 for $486.00. This was supposed to be a sale they had going on for buy one get one free, so I took my car down. When all was said and done the bill was S499.99 and they gave me Delinte tires, not even the same brand that I was supposed to get. I looked up the tires that were put on my car and found them for $69.00 each. I called the manager and he said there was a small misunderstanding that's all, they are still good tires. Ladies beware, don't go to discount tire co.

Diversity in your marketing

I had the displeasure to shop in the Bellingham Washington store on 11/25/13 while waiting in line to purchase four new tires I noticed that all of the advertisements on the walls were of caucasians. I looked around and also noticed that the most of the people working in the tire shop were not caucasian, but the management was coincidental probably not!! I was able to find one picture of someone that was not caucasian, only he was changing the tire in the advertisement!!!

Loyal Customer

I am a loyal customer for life i had a bad experience at one store i called the corporate office and they took care of everything.. I was directed to another store and they made it painless and took care of everything they said they would. I am forever grateful

Tire rotation

I want to commend the great customer service I received on my recent visit at the Los Altos Parkway store located in Sparks, NV. They greeted me before entering the store, offered me something to drink and had my car done in less than a half hour. I was told what my tire pressure should be at and where it was before they began working on the car. Thank you for such great service in a world where most stores don't take the time to train their employees how important that is. M. Parks


I went to the store in MI on Hall Rd and Tilch on 7/29/2013 got all new tires. paid $650.00 CASH!!!!! I had to go back on 8/02/2013 because my car kept going left and right on M-59 when I was going about 60-70MPH so I took my car back yes then did fix it but the point is then I got half the job I paid for and then have no customer service AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! called corporate spoke to Ken Knaki and we was offering $65.00 I told him are You really offering me $65.00 he said YES! long store short will never go back again!!!!!!!!! and I will put this on the News & Facebook ( If I could put no stars I would)


Iam very unhappy about the discount tires i purchased in September 2012. My tires are already bald!!!! and i have been diring like this for 2 months. Im upset since iam a single mother and working for government who has cut us 20% of our pay. My coworkers could NOT believe how wuickly they got bald Iam diriving dangerous with MY KIDS since i cannot afford another set of tires right now!!!! I cannot believe they wore out so quiikly!!!! i would even give them a star at this point. I work with alot FIrefighters i will discourage my worworkers from buying discount! VERY DISAPPOINTED POOR QUALITY OF YOUR TIRES!

Lied to by Salesman

This morning I went into the Discount Tire store in Kerrville, TX, to see what a set of 4 Michelin Harmony 185/65R15 tires for my 2007 Prius would cost. The salesman I spoke with averred that Michelin didn't make the Harmony tires any more and so I should buy the Defenders. I didn't believe it and so I checked with another tire store and on line. Michelin still makes the Harmony tire and they are available in my area. It's a shame that the salesman lied to me so glibly in order to sell me what he preferred for me to buy. He insulted my intelligence and made me determined not to do business with Discount Tire.

I believe we have purchased 4 sets of tires from Discount Tire. I have never had a problem with the tire or the original service, or the follow up by you folks. I have never sent a message to a company for anything, but you guys are the exception. You need to thank the folks at McKellips Rd. and Power Rd. in Mesa AZ. and at Hampton Rd and Power Rd. in Mesa also, for the job they perform. Very nice to see nowadays! I will be a repeat customer, again. I know that is redundant,but true.


I enjoy doing all my business with this company. I really wish you expand further south of San Antonio Texas. An hour drive is what I have to get there. Pleasanton Texas has completely expanded due to a large oil boom and is the metro center other cities and many towns. It would be a great investment to look into. Many food chains, hotels and other businesses have came in and built. Pleases take time to look into the area. A store here in Pleasanton would be awesome and would have a great success in Atascosa county. Thanks


They said they will price match anyone but when you try they include roadhazard from completion which is okay if their free roadhazard warrenty was as good. When I tried to explain the roadhazard other offered cost $10 but they replace the tire while discount tire is prorated. So they can't match or beat anyone. After my recent experience and other reviews here I will not buy from discount tires again.

front vs rear

After talking with salesman making arrangements sent wife have 2 tires put on front, the idiot puts new ties on back. You can never never convince me new tires on back and worn tires on front. They talk about rear swinging out, never gonna happend cause you have blow out or slide off road in rain with worn tires on front.....man would I love to talk face to face with the idiot that came up with that policy and run an experiment with him in car

80,000 mile tire

(Fort Wayne IN location) I just went to have my tires rotated and the guy comes out and says you should be thinking about a new tire. I said wait! We just purchased the tire two years ago and put 40,000 miles on them since we purchased them. He said I understand that but we can give you a credit for the miles not used on the tire. I said why? You guys sold me a tire that is 80,000 miles so that is why we purchased them. I told the guy what is the point of purchasing the tire with the high mileage on it? He says I understand your concern but the manufacture recommends that you will get that on your tire. Ok it still doesn't make any since. He says that's why we give you the credit for the miles that you didn't use. That is not the point!!!! Then he says well when you purchase a tire research and let the guys know that you are looking for a high millage tire. Are you kidding me! This is why I come to you to purchase a tire and you guys sold us the tire and said it was one of the best tires out there. I am not a very happy customer at all! We purchased both our SUV and our car tires from you and we have told several family members and friends to go there. I don't think I will tell anyone else.

04/04/13 Attn: Discount Tire's Head Courter's To whom it may concern: I'am writing this letter regarding your SAN MARCO'S, CA. I have been a customer at this location for the past 3 year's. I'am a single mother of 3, as you can well imagine my automobile is my bread and butter, so it is imperative that it is always in great running condition's. I take my car into this location for services such as; Tire rotation, Continually checking my air pressure and an addition the purchase of my tire's and rims.On every single location that i have visited this location, the staff have been nothing but courteous , efficient and incredibly helpful. I'am truly greatful for such quality customer service and will continue been a loyal customer for years to come. Sincerely, Blanca Villegas

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