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Are you really out of the oicffe or are you on Vacation?If you are truly on a vacation. Then yes set it up and don't respond to work emails and have them redirected to another coworker, partner or admin. Just because I am on my PDA/smartphone doesn't mean I want to answer all my emails while I am away on that. Maybe when I get back into my hotel room I can respond better from my lap top etc Really what is so urgent that requires a response NOW?

Some time ago I dropped into our local Westpac brnach (Viaduct, Auckland) just before closing on a Friday to ask about business accounts. I was immediately sat down, offered coffee and we had a talk about options. I don't look particularly businessy' (had just got off my motorbike you know the look), and I really only expected to get a few pamphlets, so was a very pleasent surprise. +1

I am 71 years of age and just love So You Think You Can Dance. I believe that this has been the best Season ever and feel it was an awsoeme decision to partner the dancers with an All Star Dancer from Seasons past. This gives them more insight as to what being a great artist/dancer is all about. I so wished I would have had the opportunity as a young person to persue the world of dance. The closest I got was Arthur Murray Ballroom lessons which I so loved at age 18 and 19. Latin was my favorite and I went dancing every Sunday night in Detroit at the Veterans Building where they had two ballrooms going with one being all Latin. I commend the top three and for my first time cannot predict who will win as they are all fantabulous. Good luck kids and I hope to get to see the Tour this year. Nice work with the new changes as it has made a difference. I also love the introduction of the Ethnic Dances. It's been educational for me as well as all the beautiful young dancers. Enjoy life to the max in peace and contentment.Sherry from Ypsilanti, Michigan

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