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Mar05Fred DeFelice Pia Toscano is going to sell a tons of CD's. She has such a beautiful voice, poise and her looks are so stninnug. She is truly a beautiful young girl that is going to so well in this contest. I voted for her about 50 times the night she got the standing ovation. God bless her, and I wish her all the luck in the world, however I really don't think she needs it. Break a leg sweetheart. Oh by the way my wife and little girl feels the same as I do.

I love Cat Deely. I think she is a great host and she cares for the kids, well at least I thought she cared for all of them. Why is that she was trinyg to get Melanie a job with the other 3 contestant there? Not fair. Not very classy.To all the Sasha haters; if you were dancers or know how to dance, you would see the artist at work when she dances. Also, I have been wondering why Nigel and the judges keeps calling her Warrior Princess , Is it because of her Ethnicity?

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