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The Orem Deseret Book Store had very nice people there! But the supervisor that helped my friend was very rude to the employee's! That should not be happening especially in a distribution area!

CT: You wrote: If your own opinions are never cnlglehaed, thought slowly goes away. Exactly. That's one of the disadvantages of the cable news/webblog options out there. They're tremendous resources if people are willing to read widely across the political spectrum. But they also provide the opportunity for people to craft their reading on news and public policy so that they visit only sites/writers/blogs that share their beliefs. And I'm afraid that's what's happening widely across the population that regularly reads [or even watches] news and public affairs sources, which is I'm afraid a minority of the whole population.That's one reason why, as so many seek out only sources that reinforce what they already believe, general circulation daily newspapers, like the SE, are still important. Their ed and op-ed pages, if they're real papers and not political hack jobs, contain a range of opinion and analysis from across the political spectrum. Regular readers are thus likely to be exposed to ideas they're not otherwise likely to come across, arguments they're otherwise unlikely to see. Same for editorials in a decent paper. Wouldn't be worth subscribing to papers that only printed editorials I agreed with [however wise and prudent they would be to do that.] I can't think of a paper I've ever read regularly that didn't take editorial stands I disagreed with, sometimes strongly. NY Times, NY Herald Trib [deceased], NewsDay, Wisconsin State Journal, Madison Capitol Times, Baton Rouge Morning Advocate, Baton Rouge Capitol Times [deceased], SL Trib, Standard Examiner, Chicago Trib, Champaign News-Gazette, New Orleans Times-Picayune. All of them.But that was only one reason papers are still important. Another is that nobody, but nobody, covers local news like a daily paper. Nobody. Certainly we can't depend on SLC TV news for coverage of Ogden, Clearfield, Roy, Ogden, North Ogden [etcetera etcetera etcetera] news beyond gory crashes, murders, gang news, fires and a very thin sprinkling beyond that. The SE's local coverage may not be a muscular as I'd like to see it, or as extensive, but there is absolutely nothing that comes close to it reporting local news. Nothing.

Great variety of products. I find their prices to be too high tough. We are suppose to read good books to educate and uplift and fill our homes with beautiful things, but most of us can't afford them.

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