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I am so upset with Delta Dental. My Card was compromised 3 times and I had to change billing. Because after my card was stolen, and I had to wait for another to be reissued to make payment. You cancelled me and told me you would not reinstate me until 2016. I am a disabled person, I have no money and I have bad teeth. Now thanks to you and your terrible customer service I have an 1100.00 dollar bill hanging over my head. You should be ashamed. I cannot find decent dental insurance anywhere. And I have no problem telling everyone I know just how heartless you are.

What a nightmare

I enrolled in the Veterans Affairs Program and chose the Enhanced plan after speaking with their customer service rep. They misled me to this plan and I was not satisfied with the coverage. So I tried to switch to the Standard plan with in two weeks of enrollment and they told me I could not do that. So, I tried to cancel the service. They want you to mail a letter to California to cancel. I don't have a stamp, or a envelope to do this. I would have to go to the store to buy a box of envelopes and then drive to the post office and stand in line to purchase a stamp. Really, I haven't mail a letter in over ten years. Are they still doing business in 1970? Their customer service agents are rude and not helpful.

good grief

Seems to me alot of these negative reviews are due to ignorance and/or problems with the dentist. Sorry, it's just the 'tone' they convey. Read you policies people, don't get mad, GET SMART! Thanks Delta Dental for decades of excellent dental coverage!

After contributing for 14 years to my Delta Dental Insurance and only using it twice a year for cleanings and check ups I now need a crown on one tooth($1,000.) and Delta does not cover it. I have payed in thousands of dollars and when this type of dental care is needed it is not available. I can not have the work done, because I can not even afford the money to cover this procedure. Very disappointing and discouraging.

Delta missions statement: As the first company to specialize in dental benefits, we are passionate about oral health and its importance to future generations. Our core purpose is the advancement of oral health care to our customers, partners and consumers through the dental benefits programs and philanthropic efforts of our 39 independent member companies. This is a farce: delta dental is more concerned about enforcing contracts, and protecting the bottom line. They ignore common sense. My daughter is home from college, her routine cleaning is every six months. her last was 7/26/12. she goest back to school on 1/25/13 they wont approve a cleaning done while she is home on break b/c it will be 5 months and 29 days since her last cleaning. As a result, she will go back to school and wont be able to get a cleaning for 9 months. Really, deny dental care over one day.... Tell me they are all about dental health...lol.

delta dental is the worst in customer service very bad very bad very bad very bad very rude very rude very rude the corp office is a waste of time if you call them . i have never seen such a big mess it was HORRIBLE.

lol a couple of the rievews bloggers write are just silly and unrelated, sometimes i wonder whether they at all read the post before writing or whether they merely look at the subject of the post and write the very first thought that comes to their minds. But it is nice to find a fresh commentary every now and then in contrast to the exact same, traditional blog garbage which I oftentimes notice on the blogs. Cheers

I have waited for months for a check that they lost. Payment should have went to the attending dentist where I got work done so they were waiting on them as well. They are the worst company to have insurance with. I'd pay out of pocket before I give Delta Dental another dime!

We have a dentist that is making up appointments for us. Then telling us that we have missed our appointments and that we will be billed 55.00 for the missed apointmnet. Yet when I call Delta Dental t let them know what is happening they just tell us there is nothing they can do. Only if they get information from the Local Dental board, regarding complaints then will they look into any problems. Don't you just LOVE how they don't give a hoot if it's our money that is being stolen. But god forbide if it was there money that wasn't comeing in to them. Then they would be all over the problem and collecting their money. So in the mean time, we have to fight the Dentist for fake appointments, and the insurance company keeps these dishonest people on the list to screw other people. Thanks Delta Dental for being part of the problem and not the solution. Will share this story and others on this site with others. So that they can stay clear of your company.

WAS interested in a dental plan with Delta Dental. Notice I said 'was'. Called my state's Delta representative twice; she was indifferent and not interested. 'JO' may repeat Delta statitics 400 times per day and gets really tired of it, but I call only once,(twice because I didn't understand fully the first time--but that is because 'JO' was not in the mood to tell me much!) I expect congenial attitudes. NOT!! Therefore, will not be going with Delta. Right now, there are other companies--soon as the so called 'affordable health care' bill kicks in, there will be No companies, but I'm sure you're not too concerned about that. Thanks Delta Dental--but no thanks!! N

I have a problem with a dentist (Richard Weiss); I contact your Delta Dental of NY. I explain my whole situation with the representative (Tracy K), she told me to fax all information to her and she will CC her supervisor Michelle. Called back on November 23, 2010 see if anything was resolve. I spoke to Michelle she could not remember the situation she would have to check with Tracy. I waited til Monday November 29, 2010 to call back to speak to her, the representative ask me did I know her last name because there is more than one Michelle supervisor. He took my information and told me that he would have someone call me back by tomorrow. It is Tuesday 3:45 pm and I still have to response.

Wife had a tooth pulled by an oral surgeon April 2010 & as of August 2010 Delta has paid nothing. They keep double talking. First it was lost paper work, then misfiled, then it was new computers.

Delta Dental: I bring my daughter for cleanings twice a year. In which it states on my Explanation of Benefit form, "Cleanings, are payable twice in any period of 12 consecutive months." So, I brought Taylor (Williams) for a cleaning last Dec. and told my dentist receptionist to make an appt. for 6 months, which she did and handed me the appt. card. I then, took Taylor for her 6 month cleaning on June 22nd. I then received the statement from Delta Dental that it would not be paid, Because, it was 1 day early! I then called Delta and asked them about it, The first lady I spoke with was rather rude, and said Sorry, you were one day early, it will not be paid. So, I called back again the next day, and asked to speak with a supervisor, So, I could understand the situation, They told me that there was only one supervisor and they were busy,(Diane Blizner) So, I said I would call back, I then, called back at 4:20 on 7/16/2010. And, again asked to speak to a supervisor, and this time, the supervisor was out to lunch,(Burnece) and would call me back, I did not receive a call back that day. I called back again on 7/19/2010. And, asked to speak to a supervisor, I said I did not understand why this was not payable. And, the lady I spoke with was very rude. I told her I will be contacting the corp. office and letting them know how I was treated, and she said "That is fine". Thank-you, for your time. Laurie Williams (laurw2@aol.com) (269-685-7626)

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