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Never Again

Run as fast as you can from this company. Their phone staff ( at least at the Brunswick office) are rude, condescending, argumentative & do not return calls. Communication is a skill which is lacking with this company.

bait and switch

Never again would I use this company

I requested that Dead River add antifreeze to my hot water heating system and was shocked when I received a bill that was outrageous. They gouged me on the time it took to do the job; they gouged me on the price of the antifreeze; and they gouged me on the amount of antifreeze. I received a bill for $1169.44 when it should have been only a couple hundred dollars according to all of the plumbers and HVAC contractors that I have talked to. The wholesale cost of the antifreeze that was used is $69.00 or $13.80 a gallon. They charged me $47.75 a gallon which is nearly 4 times their cost. They charged me for 20 gallons of antifreeze when they should have added no more than 7 gallons which is a 30% mix to my 24 gallon system. And since this was a replenishment the system didn't even need 7 gallons. They charged me for 1.9 hours of labor at $85.00 when they should have only charged me for one hour of labor. Finally, the credit manager called me and threatened to stop my fuel deliveries if I didn't pay this erroneous bill.

Dead River Company's bills for their Easy Cap Program have been, and remain today, a failure in customer communications. Adding to my frustration is Dead River Company Corporate Headquarters' policy of including only contact information for their local dealerships on their bills, mailings and on their website. The local dealerships in turn must face questions and frustrations of customers about what their bills mean, but cannot answer them because corporate does not include them in the loop of employees who make the incomprehensible bills. I have had to Google "dead river company corporate office" in order to find an address and phone number for an office above the level of local dealerships to contact.

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