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Was let go for the wrong reason, and the state back me up on it..... looking for my lawyer now.

Capital Grill, Kansas city

The server at the Capital Grill in Kansas City, Eric Spoon, was outstanding. Celebrating both my husband and my birthdays, Eric made the evening with his thoughtful suggestions, easy serving manner, and delightful insights regarding wines, entrees, desserts and extras. He is an asset to the Darden name.


Visited Longhorn in Norridge,Illinois and our bartender Samantha appeared to be drunk or high and on top of that she was more concerned about flirting with the so called boss! What a joke! Never returning to this location.

red lobster, jackson, tn

the hostess was away from entrance, she was too laid back, said a 5 to 6 minute wait at 2;00 pm when the PARKING LOT WAS MAYBE 1/3 FUILLED. we could see empty tables, what is going on???? we left one of our favorite lunch places.


Went to the new local Olive Garden in the Las Vegas area for dinner last night. Was very disappointed to find out that Corp took the Spinach & Artichoke Dip off the menu. That is the one thing we always order when we come in. Our meal was very good as usual. I wish you would put the Spinach & Artichoke Dip back on the menu.

i have gone to olive garden for the last 20 years and now i hate to say that we will never go to them again.the yelp review will be in more detail but they are cheap and rude.


I will never eat at an Applebees, Olive Garden, or Red Lobster. Any greedy corporation that denies their employees health care while just looking at the bottom line of filling their own already full pockets, does not deserve my business. I am telling everyone I know about your policies and encouraging them to boycott as well.

I am amazed how a huge corporation like Darden can mistreat their employees. A famous general once said,"keep your troops fed and reward them and they will follow you to the depths of Hell and back." It is obvious Darden corporation makes a substanial revenue for its share holders at the expense of the sweat and embarrassing wages of their employees. Many barely make ends meet. I have been doing a study of restaurant workers for the last 3 years and have compiled some very disturbing facts. It is my conclusion that corporations like Darden will keep misleading their employees regarding profit numbers and bonuses for upper management well hidden with the pretense the economy is hard now and everyone should be tightening their belts. Well lets see if the upper corporate executives need to worry about making ends meet or if their children will have new school clothes etc. When you keep feeding the same redundant excuses,eventually people will jump ship. the funny part is,they will vanish when the company needs them the most. From the 30+ employees who I have spoken to,many fearing their jobs remained annonoymous,love what they do but feel they are being taken advantage of. They are offered benefits that are misleading,healthcare which is terrible,and pay ok,but unfortunately very few hours. I have been told where managers have cut hours to less than 20 per week stating overhead. That equates to paychecks of less than 200.00 per week. staggering isnt it? With this in mind,I find it difficult to patronize any Darden restaurants. The fact I am putting 90% into the pockets of executives and upper management and next to nothing into the pockets of those who really do all the work. I want to say majority of employees I have spoken to have stated,we love what we do,but wish it was more like a big family instead of a faceless corporation.

Hello, we had dinner Sunday night(9-16-2012) at Capital Grille @ Pointe Orlando Plaza, In Orlando FL with 3 friends to celebrate a birthday and to try out the Magical Dining Menu. Service was great by our waiter Edward. He is a very attentive and passionate employee. I am very unhappy about the overall experience and how the situation was handled by your Agm in charge. We’ve ordered the food and when the salad came I’ve found a piece of a sharp metal in my Caesar Salad. That was pretty dangerous, especially cause it was in between the leaves of a salad. I chewed it and it got stacked between my teeth .Thank God I didn’t swallowed it. I can feel that something is different in my mouth. There is a big chip on one of them and a scratch mark on my gum. I am probably going to get my teeth and gum checked by my dentist tomorrow which is a waste of time for me as I have to be at work in the afternoon. My friends they were all shocked of something like that could be found in the food. The Agm came to the table to make sure that I didn’t need any medical assistance and offer me to make another salad. Unfortunately that event ruined my whole mood and experience. Thank to our waiter we were able to get 25% off our check (using his family discount) and a little refill on the wine that we were drinking without asking for. I assume that a restaurant like Capital Grille, wants to have their guests happy when they walk out the door after a dinner. If that was the way you treat them after some major issue like this happen, it wasn’t well handled from your management in that location. I shouldn’t have paid my dinner after something like this happened. I understand that sometimes you can find in your salad hairs, little bugs or other objects. Not a sharp piece of metal! The other bad event but less relevant in gravity that happened last night, it was the service of a melted ice cream to your guests. My friend after ordering it sent it back to the kitchen cause it was very liquid and Edward mention us that there was an issue with the freezer. If a frozen item defrost from the high freezer temperature it shouldn’t be brought back to 32F and served to public cause you might incur in a food poison as there is dairy in Icream.

I'm not sure if I have the correct website, but Olive Garden is our favorite Restaurant. Tonight the fly's were so bad in the dining room we had to cover our plates. I told the manager about problem and he was so busy looking around I didn't feel like he heard me. If the dining room had so many fly's, then what must the kitchen be like. Our last visit to Olive Garden!

friday the 24th i called olive garden in fremont around 6 spoke to a female who sounded really drunk or high.her words were slur and she was laughing at all times.i ordered spagetti mt balls and salad it took atleast 15 min for her just to get my order then when i went to get it some manager brought me my food. and apoligized for the to go order taking long.the person who answered the phone was a girl named bre she said.i believe she should be removed from to go's or be checked to see if she was high or drunk.i will never buy food from olive garden in Fremont,ca, again.

I recently read of your response to Marti Warren when she expressed her dissatisfaction with your corporate policy regarding American Flags not to be permitted at the Olive Garden restaurant in Oxford, Alabama. She hosted a Kiwanis club awards banquet there and was told that the flag, which is essentially required at such events, was forbidden in the restaurant. I am pleased to know that this is the case in advance and will make sure that no organization (or individual) with which I affiliate, will darken the doorstep of a Darden restaurant again. Your attitude cannot be respected, especially in times such as these we now live in. E. J. George doc45@msn.com


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