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Why in the world would you close the Alba, Pa Dandy Mini Mart......its just 3 miles from my house and we use it all the time...now you just made it so when in need of gas I have to travel 7 more miles to Troy, Pa.....shame, they made the best hoagies.....plus my hubby loved the coffee there.....feel bad for gas well workers on the mtn who run down there for things and food.....someone is just not thinking

I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BY MY BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello how is your day going so far? i am an employee at the dandy mini mart #45 and i was interested in being trained in the deli area and i work from 7-9 pm 5 days a week i dont work thursday or sunday but i do show up to work like 2 hours early to get some of my work out of the way off the clock work of course and i do stay until closing to help with other things after i clock out too and i am just so confused on why i can not make any food in the deli but the employees children and grandchildren can make pizzas and wash dishes and stand behind the register and they are playing games in the store and running around the deli and the rest of the store barefoot and doing what ever else that nobody knows about when i have been working their for 5 months now and i am not even allowed to do any of that stuff i know that i am a maintenance worker i am not asking for more hours or anything like that i am glad to volunteer my time at the store with the heat being so incredible out side i dont get out much to do volunteer work so i like to do it at the store but for some reason Amy Peterson my boss will not train me on anything else at the store and i always have to wear my uniform but other employees wear blue jeans and flip flops when running the register and when they work in the deli area and i just think that since the dandy is an equal opportunity employer i should be able to do the same things that all the other employees do correct? i am just tired of everyone else breaking all the rules but yet i can not do any of the stuff that everyone else gets away with oh and also i probably do about a good 20 hours over time at the store that i volunteer to help out with the stuff that anyone needs help with that i am qualified to do and also for some odd reason i do not know why Amy won't send me to class to be trained in other parts of the store she has discriminated against me before so her continuing to do it does not surprise me to say the least so please respond to my complaint and get it taken care of as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Believe the prices on food are excrssive. Why ca.t you get a refill on coffee at a lowrr price without buying a dandy mart mug? Even starbucks lets you get a refill at a lower price,when you bring your cup back.

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