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Well i have been reading all of this and this certainly sounds to me like a Michael Jackson Syndrome don't it. They want to be white and they like to have sex with minors. Are these people not aware or do they just don't care. This all comes across as a situation where Manpower is a problem and since they have killed all of Asia, Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe. Millions and Millions of people that have been exterminated and its a lot of shoes to fill, if you know what i mean. But hey, if you think the fastest way of filling these spaces is by having sex with your minors, you go right ahead. I mean today i walk the streets and i see lots and lots of thirteen year olds pregnant and has a rubber suits like a 16 or 17 year old. They don't seem to mind about all of this, maybe they are getting paid lots of money, i don't know. This space and population to fill will take another 300 years. In the mean time you Canadians, Americans and Europeans go right ahead and keep that adult pretense at the back of your heads hidden somewhere. And your sins at the front and pretend not to know. I went to spain the other day and saw a boy that looks like 14 with a woman thats looks like 55. Both of them were in these rubber suits. What is she thinking, what and why are they doing this. Why are the governments in a rush to fill the population like this. Can't they wait until he is 17 or 18. And why are the Governments trying to blame others for this and try to cover up this horrible thing thats going on right now. Listen you can't justify this by blaming others and making others pay the price for this. End of Story. Take it like a man and fix the bleeding problem. Punishing other will not redeem youself. It just don't work like that i'm afraid. If you people want to be Happy, there are other ways. Don't do it like this and pretend not to know when the fact of the matter is you dam well know whats going on.

Apparently there's a flaw in the rubber suits. I heard they are more worried about their Glass eyes falling out of their rubber suits and someone finding the stupid thing.

What they are doing is trying to pin the blame for these sins on others. Not their own kind. Its eaiser to blame others and make others look bad istn't it. But with the " i don't want to know about attitude" and "blame it on someone else". They should blame their own kind and stop trying to blame others.

Well the reason being. America and Europe have terminated every one in Holocaust and theres no one left. So in reality they have to make these people to fill the population back up. When this all started at the end of the Holocaust children were in reality haveing intersourse with adults and adults were in reality having intercourse with under age people, if should put it that way. You may find a man of 35 living with a girl of 14. How does this happen. Simple, you see America has tought of every thing and has left no screw unturned. These rubber suits has crotch less legs. So a girl of 14 can be made to look a women as 25 or 30. So she can easily sleep with a man of 35. Just open her crotch less legs in the night and have intercourse. So in reality he's having intercourse with a girl of 14. Everyone knows about this but no one wants to admit it. They are just enjoying the benefits of the rubbersuits offered to them compliments of the American Government. So today you find a lot of under age girls living to older men and married to them keeping their identities hidden while these young girls have crotch less rubbersuit sex with older men and not admit their true identities. Well if this is how the authorities want it so be. But i'm not happy about all of this to rush the population by having intercourse with a minor or paying minors to have children, from what i have read earlier on. So you people go on and have crotchless rubber suit intercourse with minors and pretend you are actually living with an adult. By the way when these people go to the hospitals. These young under age girls of course. The trousers parts is removed and the top part near the naval area is pulled together like a jogging track suitnear the breast area. So this girl of 14 can enjoy keeping her identity hidden while giving birth. Thats how sick and disgusting the authoritites are. Enjoy ! The authorities are even hidding this and supporting child abuse.

Maybe i will add something to this topic. Not only are these individuals facially deformed and packed with slabs of silicon to stretch their skin. The women and young girls held in these underground facilities have their legs and arms amputated. They are then forced to have children. Amputated on a bed while they are constantly forced to have children. Like some kind of human manufacturing facility. The men have their Blood and Urine valves controlled via wireless and are locked in cells. While they are constantly being given erection by these individuals located in these call centres. And you know where these call centres are located in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. The facilities are located in Darnall and the Parkway in Sheffield. These big warehouses have underground facilities and the call centres are operated by Dixons Call centres, Vodaphone and 02 call centres throughout Sheffield and SouthYorkshire. If you Google Sheffield and Parkway Avenue. Have a look at the Big Silver Roofs WareHouses at the back of the Parkway Avenue. These individuals who work at these call centres potray themselves as the Dominatrix of the call centre world. You know what a Dominatrix does right. Sexual Torture and all that. Well thats what they do to these individuals locked in these underground facilities, 'Sexual Torture'. And i have even heard they dress and act the part. Dress in all black and drive black cars and snort lots of Cocaine. They are even given dead corpse from the sheffield morgue to eat.

You know these people who works in these underground facilities have sexual intercourse with these children. Well that does not suprise me at all. If they let there own children put adult rubber suits on and have sex with them. Who's them. I mean they have sex with there own children right.Who's these Jews and Russian children. Sex with children and snorting cocaine is what the American Government and European Union are only think about today. And they even let these children in dressed in these rubber suits snorts cocaine so they can have intercourse with them. They are tricking them into having sex with them.

So they obtain there Benefits and social security through hidden facilities do they. That makes sense, and trick everyone else into tninking that there really working and supporting themselves when the Governments of America and the UK and taking care of them. The Embassy gives them passports for the UK and they weren't even born their. Thats bad, oh yeah thats bad. And they talk about fraud and all sorts of things when their the ones who's behind it all.

Many I elaborate on this topic if i may. Israeli sperm are also being used from the Jews killed in the Holocaust as well. One of the facilities being used in Sheffield. The powergen building on the Parkway Avenue in Sheffield holds underground facilities as well as other areas in Sheffield. Well this topic mentioned that women were paid monies to have these blonde haired children from the people locked away. But in truth. Young girls are being forced into pregnancy as young as 12 years old. This is the other part of whats goin on in these underground facilities. When the Holocaust child is born. They are kept in these facilities and at the youngest as 12 years old. They are forced into pregnancy. Maybe by the male nurses who work in these facilities or they are inseminated with sperm. Then that child is injected into society. These children are kept prisoner and forced to have children. Maybe every year they are forced to have a child. They are druged, deformed surgically and locked away into a world they nothing about by these horrible people who call themselves medical so called professionals. But in truth they are monsters. Monsters of the Medical World. Imagine a Doctor and Nurse who locks away a children, drugs and forces a child of 12 to have a baby. Yes people this is the world we are living in and its disgusting. And by the way. So if you have just applied to be a doctor of a nurse. Be prepared. They might just direct you here and maybe give you a warning or some shit like that. That if you mentioned anything they will finish you. Another practice being carried out on these individuals. The adults are cut open and packed with silicon slabs. And stiched back together. So an individuals who weighs 100 Lbs. After sugery will weigh 200 Lbs. The reason being. To stretch the skin. To obtain skin that can grow blonde hair. The russian gypsys have this done. The whole reason for this is to obtain people with blonde curly hair and have a back up in place so if you needed skin. They can kill one of these fat silicon packed people and get you your blonde haired skin.

Vietnamese and russian gypsy sperm from the 1934 Holocaust and Vietnamese sperm from the Vietnam. Women and young girls are paid money to have these children. When the child is born they are locked in underground facilities in the Moors in southyorkshire. Sperm extracted from these individuals are then feed into todays society. Its like a manufacturing facility. The people of today are being re placed by these newly designed people. These children are feed into top post and positions in society. The police, Army, Politics, Television and even Hollyood. So if you are out of job and from England, America or other parts of Europe or as a matter of fact the entire world and wondering why and where have all the jobs and houses gone. well these individuals have stolen all. And its nots just southyorkshire. Of course you cant tell whos who beacuse they hide in these rubber suits and pretend to be english. When its really and Vietnamese under these rubber suits and by the way these rubber suits hides there Vietnamese eyes. And they pretend to be english. These people are planning on killing out many of the worlds populations by the way. They have encited a hatred upon coutries for the Vietnam War and are planning on killing everyone except there own kind. They even work as doctors and nurses in these under ground facilities. And have reached the point where they are in control of the system and are currently controlling these underground facilities. They are killing everyone not of there kind by working post and positions in Hospitals and othere health facilities. When you go through security in Airports cameras sreen you face under these rubber suits and if you're not one of them. They have you killed.

Clico Insurance Company in the Carribbean. This company provides Benefits and Social Security and Housing the blonde haired children they are getting from these underground facilities. When they get big enough they are supplied with a british passport from the British Embassy where ever they are located. Well since this is a world wide operation going on, British Embassys around the world are in reality commiting fraud offensives, aren’t they. I mean if they hand out British Passports to people that weren’t born in the UK clearly this is fraud. But they are trying to beautify the UK with bring these individuals in aren’t they. Well i’m on about CLICO insurance company anyway. An insurance company secretly acting as a Benefits and Social Security provider to these people only in these rubber suits, supplied with housing and even a british passport to go off to the UK and work in top positions. I wish i was that good looking. I would wouldn’t I. The thing is i don’t have a rubber suit but when i went to the Housing agency for a place to live. These same people who they have practicing in the Housing agency in preparation for their UK jobs and a white rubber suit with a UK accent told me no. They promote how hard life is in the Caribbean and how tough life is when they are getting Benefits and Social Security paid through CLICO INSURANCE.. And the people they are getting the sperm from to make blonde haired children gets no where to live and no housing. They even have some of them living as vagrants in the Streets. And spending the night in homeless shelters so they can have their sperm through their urine, through the same process menthioned above. But CLICO INSURANCE pays the benefits and housing for these people while the people they are getting their sperm from has to live like dogs and gets no housing and no benefits when unemployed. But these blond haired children gets all the jobs and housing paid in preparation for there UK jobs and a white rubber suits with a UK accent Secretly based Naval US and UK Naval, Army and Marines recruiting offices are also located for these individuals in the Carribbean. As well as BENEFITS Agency , Social Security and other Recruiting Offices like the UK POLICE SERVICE are also situated in these Carribbean islands. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 AND by the way thanks for telling me no in the Housing Office when i applied for a place to live and you told me no in the Housing Office i told you i was homeless. These foc”rs gets there housing and benfits paid but they won’t help a guy in need of a place to live. But the authorities of the US AND UK minds these pri”ks and carries them so called Beaurify the Americas and European countries. And kills there own people to make room for these so called beautifull people they are manufacturing the worl over. I hope you all burn in Hell

Blood valves are not the only thing installed in these individuals. They have installed in them a heating element in there chest and steel wires running from this heating element through various parts of the body. The heating element can fry an individual until death occurs. That how powerful the battery. The heating element is also a magnet and all this can be controlled by a remote control or radio controlled. The rubber suits worn by Americans and Europeans. Has a built in remote with knobs and buttons. They have fun by pressing this knobs at individuals in the streets to incur a torture. The magnet interferes with the nerves in the body when activated and can cause temporary or permanent paralysis. All this can be controlled via a remote in these rubber suits.. All this is also controlled by staff in the call centers A research was done on this for years and also a huge amount of data collected but i assure you this is correct..

I went outside the other night and saw E.T and my gran who's been dead for 20 years now, having dinner together. They hopped on a flying saucer and the flew off in the night sky. How's that for a story. You guy's are some of the most ridiculous bunch. Come on people. I tell you. Where on earth do you get these sci fi stories from ?

There are underground facilities on the Moor Building in Sheffield. The Moor building holds secret underground facilities and also the library in Sheffield. Attercliffe and Darnall. Theres lots of facilities in Sheffield. Where these people are kept.They are milking sperm out of them through there urine. They have valves connected to there insides and this is attached via a small computer and phones. All fitted in a silicon bag. They dial into this computer and control the valves that makes you urinate and get an erection. Blood valves and the urine valves are controlled by this. When they want you to urinate semen, first they give you a small erection and they they release the valves that make you urinate and out comes the semen in the urine and its this they are using to produce blonde haired children. They have southern russians and vietnamese from the people they have paid to make children and then lock them in these underground facilities and attach all these valves to there insides. All this is controlled via a control call centre room. The Moor offices above host some of these call centres and throughout southyorkshire. These people go to these call centre jobs every day and this is what they are being paid to do. Torture these individuals locked in these underground facilities. This has taken call centre jobs to a whole new level.

Let me intrigue you with this will you. Europeans and Americans on whole has no Blonde hair and Chin under their faces. They have black hair and rounded faces. They are not white people but in reality black people, thats why they are so insecure and have to wear a white rubber suit and look like a freaking alien. These under ground facilities have been around for a long time. They are making children with the sperm from the men they have killed in Vietnam and Southern Russian in the 1930 or 1940, these individuals have blonde and red hair . The children from this are being locked underground; and its there sperm that are being used to re-place the original Europeans and Americans. They are paying people a lot of money to make children all over the world and these children are being feed into the system. To replace the round faced Americans and Europeans who have black hair. Buts it taken a new twist whats they are doing is they are mixing Vietnamese with southern russian. To produce a people with Blonde hair and and tiny eyes. They are mixing the two types together. But you cant tell because these people are dress as white Americans and Europeans. They are bringing back the people from the Vietnam War, thats whats going on. Thats why you are seeing so many chinese resturants and businesses opening. And you know what they are working in the American Government and European Union. Were all dead. Return of the Vietnamese people. On a whole the original Europeans Americans are black people. they have no blonde hair and no chin under there faces. The blonde hair and chin comes from the people from souther russia they have killed from the Holocaust in 1930 or 1940 in Russia. The children from these sperm are being kept underground to produce people with blonde hair. Now they have added the Vietnamese to the breeding group and are thinking about making something a little more to produce a different eye. These children are also beng used for bodyparts by the way. And they are using underground facilities to do all of this.. In Sheffield in the UK yes this has been going on for quite a while. And you know what. These same children were forced to work in the coal mines of southyorkshire. Before there were no machinery or an advanced sort. So you see what they have done with all the men killed from Southern Russian and the Vietnam War. Take the sperms out of there bellies and make there children suffer in a whole new Holocaust. The European Union and the United Nations are behind all this. Right now there are hundreds of people locked in underground facilities to provide sperm to make people with blonde hair and a chin under there faces. The governments are thinking about having sex with a nice women at night at the cost of all these people they have locked underground. I hope you all burn in hell.....

Nurses and Doctors from Sheffield in the UK are working in the business of rearing children for human body parts in the Caribbean, yes this is true. They are using sprem from Vietnam War in China.

I heard this once that in Sheffield in the UK they have secret under facilities where children are being breed for human body parts. They are using the same sperm from the Vietnam War. The secret underground facilities where they are doing all this is situated somewhere in the industrial estates where all the steel works was. Underground cabins. The same is being done in the Caribbean. The same Doctors and Nurses work in the Caribbean doing this business...

Nurses from Sheffield are coming to the Caribbean and working in this business also, as well as Doctors from around SouthYorkshire. There is also evidence that police officers from Sheffield and London have also been hired to come to Caribbean islands and work along side the Doctors and Nurses.For protection reasons.

America are using all the Vietnamese mens sperm they have killed in Vietnam. They have frozen them all. Women from Sheffield and Canada are paid money to come to Caribbean islands and have children from this same sperm. When the child is born. Child minders care for the child, these child minders are hired from Sheffield in the UK and guess what. The Danaher Corporation owns this firm. The organ and body parts are then sold to the NHS in the UK, Various health authorities in America and China. These women who give birth to these children are good as murderers because of the fact that they grew this baby inside of them just for the money. They maybe getting paid anywhere between 4000 and 5000 thousand pounds maybe more. Even young girls from the UK and Canada and America are coming to Caribbean islands to do this just the the dosh. This is big business and no one has a clue its ongoing.

People are wearing full body latex suits fitted with voice converter that amplify there voices and are killing people for human body parts in trinidad. These suits are fitted with steel in there hands,when you recieve one blow to the head from these latex suits, you are dead, you have no chance. They are murdering people for human body parts in Trinidad.

I have evidence that the Danaher Corporation are rearing chlidren for human organs in Trinidad. They buy houses and hire people to look after chlidren and when they get big enough they sell there organs The Danaher Corporation are doing the same in the UK. Hiring people to take care or mind chlidren in houses and when they get big enough the sell there organs. They are in the organ trade industry in a big way, where chlidren are being taken care of until they get to a good age to sell there organs. There is a organs farm industry going on in Trinidad

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