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July 24, 2012 What a disaster?!!! I had the unkindly pleasure of speaking with Culpeppers' manager, Nick. He was an arrogant, disrespectul jerk!!! I contacted Culpeppers to make a consumer complaint as I placed an order for 45 wings and only received 39. This mistake happened once in the past. Approximately, six weeks ago, give or take, I placed an order for 30 wings and only received 24 or 25. I contacted Culpeppers immediately to report the mistake. Nick responded kindly by apologizing for error and added the missing + four additional wings to my next week's order. In reality, I was not receiving any freebies as I paid for those wings and did not receive them the week before. Forgot to mention, I WAS a weekly customer until tonight's episode. As I mentioned above, Culpeppers mistakenly gave me 39 wings instead of 45. I notified them of the error. Nick chose to handle this issue very poorly by accusing me of making false accusations. He said, "I personally counted 45 wings for your order, are you stating I cannot count". I was appalled with his negative response as my tone was calm. I only wanted him to acknowledge the mistake, fix it, and assure me it would not happen again as I was a weekly customer. Instead Nick chose to take a different path by handling this case in the most unprofessional manner as possible. Word of advice: Please count your wings before leaving the restaurant as Culpeppers WILL NOT acknowledge their mistakes. Sincerely, Highly Pissed Ex-customer

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