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Shipping Varies on Browser Used

I just thought I would let everyone know something I find very unethical of Crate & Barrel. Something that will make me question any future purchases from them. I went online to purchase some dinnerware, and found that, depending on which browser I used, the "flat rate" shipping charges varied. When I used their "chat feature" I was told they are "testing" different shipping rates? Excuse me? That does not make sense. Here is the breakdown of the "browser" shipping rates. I have screen prints to back this up. Opera & Firefox: $4.95, Chrome: $5.95 and IE was $6.95. Am I the only one that finds this unethical?

Do not assume your gift pkg. will arrive at recipient's home. Do not assume Crate and Barrel will notify you it was not delivered. Do not assume Fed Ex will deliver the pkg. and you will be able to track it. It gets handed off to the USPS. Do not assume I will ever order from C&B again.

I purchased 2 chairs , I not happy with the job, chairs makes noise when you sit down. have be calling no help so far/

Shopped in the Burlington, MA store and purchased 5 small items. It was 7:30 at night and the store was empty. I was the only one making a purchase -- no one else in line. I got home to NH and realized one item was missing. Called the next day and got little satisfaction after being on hold for 5 minutes. Was told to come buy and I explained I lived in NH. the Woman said "we'll send it out". I asked if it could be sent Overnight was was given a flat NO we'll send it out. Check next time that the saleperson is paying attention and not looking everywhere else but at what she should be doing.

I purchased a shag rug one year ago. It is still shedding wool. I have dark hardwood floors, and I feel like I'm living in a dust bowl almost all the time. My floors are constantly covered with dust balls, including right after vacuuming the rug.

buyer beware,some of thier cookware contains LEAD ! made in hong kong by Le Cook's-ware. check bottom of pot,no mention of lead.

All that glitters and no guts. A rose by any other name....Folks, all the hubbub of December 25 revolves around Christmas. It's called Christmas. Not the winter season, or the Holiday Season, or the Winter Festival. It is Christmas. If you care to celebrate with us that's wonderful! If not, then that's OK too (I mean, isn't everyone constantly talking tolerance? oh, not for Christians? I see). I'm all right with Hanukkah, they have their religious celebration and I respect that; I'm all right with Kwanza too and understand black people wanting their own celebration with African roots, I respect that. There are others with special days too, and the U.S. used to tolerate all of them quite happily. No one complained; you could choose to participate or not. Now, some folks want to act like Christmas doesn't exist. They want my orders, my money, inundate me with catalogs and online offers, are greedy for it, yet won't acknowledge Christmas. So I won't buy one single dime from them. More for World Vision. What a small minded, narrow world we are becoming. So Sad. But though I will never buy from Crate & Barrel again, I wish them a very Merry Christmas!

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